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Mae West: Censor's Cuts

On Wednesday, June 19th, fans of MAE WEST based in Singapore were reading a warm-hearted article about the screen siren, printed on page 6. Directly underneath the glowing paragraphs devoted to Mae West was a disparaging piece about Jean Harlow whose latest motion picture was "as old and decrepit as they are made. And you know how that is." Tsk! Since the London correspondent fancied the Brooklyn bombshell, let's revisit a brief portion of this lengthy love-fest.
• • "Mae West Returns to London in 'Goin' to Town'" • •
• • (From Our Own Correspondent) London, June 8. (By Air Mail) • •
• • The London columnist wrote: We have been West fans ever since we saw her acting on her own stage in her own plays in New York some six or seven years ago, and we now venture to state publicly that never has she been so amusing. ...
• • "Censor's Cuts" • •
• • The London columnist continued further on: But there, how I do go on? I just want you to know for certain that if you agree with me that Mae West is value for money, you will be getting a handsome return for your investment this time.
• • The London columnist added: You'll be glad to hear that the censor has only made three slight cuts in this film, and that these cuts do not make the film bleed so as you'd notice it. Boys, three cheers for la West. She deserves them. ...
• • Source: Article used in The Straits Times; published on Wednesday, 19 June 1935.
• • On Monday, 19 June 1933 • •
• • A line eliminated from the script of "I'm No Angel" (dated for Monday, 19 June 1933) is a statement by Tira, during her sideshow performance: "That's all, boys. Now you can go home and beat your wives." Sheesh.  Did someone ever think that was funny?
• • On Tuesday, 19 June 1934 • •
• • The Sydney Morning Herald carried advertisements on page 2 in the issue dated for Tuesday, 19 June 1934 for "I'm No Angel" starring Mae West. Showings were in place at these movie houses in the Sydney, Australia region: the Artarmon (in the suburbs) and the Lindfield. A second feature on this double bill was a film made in Great Britain.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "My weakness for 'tall, dark and handsome' men is my only screen preference."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • An article from Hollywood mentioned Mae West.
• • "Suggestive Films — American Women Impose Ban" • •
• • "Mae West May Be Dropped" • •
• • Hollywood, June 19th — Hollywood movie companies are alarmed at the effects of a ban of the National Women's Council on famous studios, such as Paramount and United Artists, because of suggestive and indecent pictures they have produced.
• • It is rumored here that the end of the careers of Mae West and Anna Sten, the sensational Russian star, is likely if the ban extends.  ...
• • Source: Article: Barrier Miner; published on Wednesday, 20 June 1934
• • By the Numbers • • 
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