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Mae West: Edgar Dearing

In 1937, Paramount Pictures spent a record one million dollars on its MAE WEST vehicle "Every Day's a Holiday" [released in the USA as holiday fare on 18 December 1937].
• • Mae West portrays Peaches O'Day, a turn-of-century con artist who poses as a famous French chanteuse to avoid arrest. Edgar Dearing is seen as a law officer.
• • Edgar Dearing [4 May 1893 — 17 August 1974] • •
• • Born in Ceres, California on Thursday, 4 May 1893 was a future motorcycle cop named Edgar Dearing.
• • From 1924 — 1964, Edgar Dearing was cast in 342 projects for TV and for motion pictures. Justly famous for portraying a police officer (with or without wheels) in silent movies, the burly character actor transitioned to talkies and was often seen in authority and uniformed roles: sheriff, police captain, detective, warden, roadblock police sergeant, desk sergeant, colonel, sailor, state trooper, jailer, henchman, doorman, etc.
• • Fans will recall Edgar Dearing as the "Cop at Store Window" keeping an eye on shifty Peaches O'Day in "Every Day's a Holiday" [1937], another role for Mae West set during the late 1890s.  Dearing also worked with comedians Laurel and Hardy onscreen.
• • In 1951, his brief bit as a patrolman issuing a ticket on "The Amos and Andy Show" marked his small screen debut.  He made over two dozen appearances on TV [1951 —  1964]; his final TV credit was on "The Twilight Zone."
• • Edgar Dearing played a politician in his last full-length feature film "Ada" [1961}. In "Ada" he rubbed shoulders with two actors who had the privilege of working with Mae West: Ralph Brooks and Jack Carr.
• • Edgar Dearing died from lung cancer in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California on 17 August 1974. He was 81. His ashes reside at Chapel of the Pines Crematory, Los Angeles.
• • On Thursday, 3 May 1934 • •
• • On Thursday, 3 May 1934, the headline "Mae West Scouts Talk of Rift" appeared in The Los Angeles Times. The article quotes Mae West's denial of a rift between herself and Jim Timony. The actress emphasized that they were not sweethearts, but he's still her business manager.
• • On Tuesday, 3 May 1938 • •
• • On Tuesday, 3 May 1938, the Hollywood Reporter carried coverage about the Mae West movie "Klondike Annie."
• • On Sunday, 3 May 1959 • •
• • For "The Dean Martin Show," broadcast Sunday night on 3 May 1959, his chosen guest stars were Mae West and Bob Hope.  "Dean's guest ace on May 3rd will be Mae West, normally a reluctant TV participant," said one newspaper columnist. Timex was Dean's sponsor.
• • On Tuesday, 3 May  2011 • •
• • TV lovers who tuned in at 6:30 AM on Tuesday, 3 May  2011 were treated to a re-run of "Mr. Ed." In this episode, Mr. Ed overhears Mae West commissioning Wilbur on creating ultra deluxe stables for her horses. When Ed overhears the conversation, he starts to get discontented with his own surroundings. So much fun.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "Guess Empress Catherine had to be smart to take all these different men and find out all they knew. In one scene I'll make her step on to a balcony and survey her regiment, crying 'My men!'  It will be a serious drama."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • An article in Australia mentioned Mae West.
• • "Handling Men — What Mae West Says" • •
• • An Aussie columnist wrote: "Let me have around me men that are fat." said Caesar. "Let me have around me MEN, and let it go, Iet it go at that," says Mae West.  ...
• • Source: News Item in The Cumberland Argus; published on Monday, 22 July 1935 
• • By the Numbers • • 
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