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Mae West: Rad Robinson

MAE WEST starred in "Belle of the Nineties" and Rad Robinson was heard during the song "Troubled Waters."
• • Rad Robinson [11 November 1910 — 10 November 1994] • •
• • Born in Bountiful, Utah in November, Radburn Brown Robinson developed his voice and became a professional baritone. His association with The King's Men quartet was his primary profession, beginning in 1930. During the 1930s, The King's Men performed in motion pictures; they were also a feature of the Paul Whiteman Orchestra on RCA records and the Kraft Music Hall. 
• • From 1929 — 1953, Rad Robinson was seen onscreen as a singing cowboy a few times and he also was hired for his voice and used in nearly two dozen Hollywood films.
• • Rad Robinson had a heart attack.  He died in Las Vegas, Nevada on  20 September 1988.  He was 77.
• • Rudolf Friml [7 December 1879 — 12 November 1972] • •
• • Playing opposite Ed Wynn in Arthur Hammerstein's "Sometime," with music by Rudolf Friml, Mae West performed the shimmy for an appreciative Broadway audience.
• • Born in Prague on 7 December 1879, Friml was a pianist, violinist, and composer. When Victor Herbert refused to compose a new operetta for the temperamental diva Emma Trentini, the assignment went to Friml. "The Firefly" [1912] became a popular hit, and Friml went on to compose twenty Broadway scores — — including one for a long-running hit that featured Mae West — — and two original screen musicals
• • Rudolf Friml died in Los Angeles during the month of November — — on Sunday, 12 November 1972.  He was 92.
• • On Saturday, 12 November 1927 • •
• • Billboard commented on Saturday, 12 November 1927 about Mae West's play "The Wicked Age." Their remarks were exceedingly unkind.
• • On Thursday, 12 November 1964 • •
• • Hal Humphrey's article, "Charlie and Mae Together Again," ran in The Los Angeles Times on Thursday, 12 November 1964.
• • On Friday, 12 November 2010 • •
• • On Friday, 12 November 2010, The City Commons Club of Berkeley offered a program on Mae West at their luncheon. Jennifer King spoke about "Mae West, America's Actress, Dancer, and Entertainer Extraordinaire" in the Venetian Room of the lovely Julia Morgan City Club in Berkeley, California.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "I have just seen that RAF flyers have a life-saving jacket they call a 'Mae West' because it bulges in all the right places. Well, I consider it a swell honor to have such great guys wrapped up in me, know what I mean?"
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • A column on current entertainment mentioned Mae West.
• • News Of The Drama And Screen — — At the State Theatre Today • •
• • Sandusky Register wrote: With all the traditional fireworks of the old wild West, Mae West appears in her new November release and she's charged with the difficult task of bettering her first release "She Done Him Wrong," which placed her on the top rung of the current cinematic stars. It is a modern setting here, concocted to show Miss West presenting herself in the picturesque characterization of a carnival dancer. When she becomes a lion tamer, and has nerve enough to enters a cage with savage beasts and put her head in the lion's mouth, she becomes a sensation in New York. There she captivates society. She sings five new songs and dances a glorified shimmy number known as the hootchy cootchy.  Her supporting cast is headed by Cary Grant as her tall, dark, handsome suitor. Kent Taylor, Edward Arnold, Gregory Ratoff, Ralf Harolde, Gertrude Michael, Russell Hopton, and William B. Davidson also have prominent roles.  ...
• • Source: Item (on page 2) Sandusky Register, Ohio; published on Sunday, 12 November 1933 
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