Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Mae West: New York Voted

MAE WEST was proud to be a native New Yorker. With 95% of the votes counted in The Empire State, here's how New Yorkers left an impression on the polls on November 6th.
• • Barack Obama (Dem)  — 62.28 % [with 3,722,903 votes counted]
• • Mitt Romney (GOP)  — 36.33 % [with 2,171,662 votes counted]
• • With long lines at polling places across the USA, malfunctioning voting booths, and scanners that broke down shortly after 6:15 AM in lower Manhattan, it was a long day's journey for registered voters on 6 November 2012.
• • No Love from the Hometown • •
• • Former governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney (GOP) failed to carry the Constitution State — — or even the town he lives in (Belmont, Mass.). Massachusetts voters gave Obama 60.76% of their ballots; Romney received a paltry 37%, which tells you just how much they wanted him back in office.  
• • Roman Catholic (and reproductive rights conservative) Paul Ryan (GOP) made no impression on Wisconsin, his home state, where the new governor is a Democrat, a female, and gay.
• • A former senator from Illinois, Barack Obama carried Hawaii, where he was born, and Illinois. 
• • Joe Biden carried his home state, Delaware. 
• • When it came to the black voters, only 1 in 10 votes went to the Republican Party. 
• • How will you define this election?
• • Hurricane Sandy Made It Difficult to Vote • •
• • Josh Lederman of A.P. wrote this: With 95 percent of precincts reporting, The Associated Press figures showed more than 117 million people had voted in the White House race, but that number will go up as more votes are counted. In 2008, 131 million people voted, according to the Federal Election Commission.  ... The biggest plunge by far, according to the American University analysis, came in Eastern Seaboard states still reeling from the devastation from Superstorm Sandy, which wiped out power for millions and disrupted usual voting routines. Fifteen percent fewer voters cast ballots in New York this year than in 2008. In New Jersey, it was almost 12 percent. ...

• • How will you remember this November?
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  1. R. Mark Desjardins5:03 PM

    While the ever razor sharp mind of Mae West professed she didn't know much about "party politics," she did admit to "knowing a good party man when I see one!" Amen to that Miss West!