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Mae West: Nat Pendleton

MAE WEST starred in "I'm No Angel" [1933] and Nat Pendleton was cast as Harry the acrobat.
• • Nat Pendleton [9 August 1895 — 12 October 1967] • •.
• • Little Nathaniel Greene Pendleton tumbled into the world in Davenport, Iowa on 9 August 1895. This tot grew up to be a two-time Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association (EIWA) champion (1914 — 1915) in the 175-lb class while at Columbia University, where he graduated in 1916.  Wrestling for the USA at the 1920 Olympic Games in Antwerp, Belgium, the Ivy Leaguer scored a silver medal.  By 1920 the 25-year-old was married to Juanita Alfonzo and working as a sports manager.
• • Building on the buzz after the Olympic Games, Pendleton became a professional wrestler.  By 1924, he set his cap for the screen trade.  Typecasting himself as a fighter, he penned the screenplay for "Deception" [1932], giving himself the starring role as Bucky O'Neill, a wrestler.  In "The Great Ziegfeld" [1936]  he portrayed the famous weight-lifter Eugen Sandow, who was friends with Mae West.
• • With his impressive athletic physique, Pendleton was often cast as a circus strongman, member of the military, bodyguard, bouncer, coach, laborer, lifeguard, gangster, brutish thug, dimwitted cop, or dense buffoon. Between 1924 — 1956, the six-footer was seen in 113 feature films including comedies with the Marx Brothers.  His final TV appearance was on Schlitz Playhouse in "The Big Payoff" in 1956 when he was 61.
• • Nat Pendleton suffered a heart attack in San Diego in October — — on 12 October 1967.  He was 72. The former athlete was interred at Cypress View Mausoleum and Crematory in San Diego.
• • James C. Morton [25 August 1884 — 24 October 1942] • •.
• • Short-tempered policemen, court officers, and judges were not some of the Brooklyn bombshell's favorite folks. But James C. Morton had been cast as all of them during his long silver screen career. In his modest role as an 1890s bartender, James C. Morton had appeared with Mae in "Every Day's a Holiday" [released in the USA on 18 December 1937].
• • Born in Helena, Montana on 25 August 1884, the balding character actor often worked for Hal Roach and, typically, he was the the butt of shenanigans by such comics as The Little Rascals, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, The Three Stooges. As Mae did, he had worked with W.C. Fields.
• • James C. Morton died in Reseda, California in the month of October — — on 24 October 1942. He was 58 years old.
• • On Friday, 24 October 1919 • •
• • In the write-up of Ned Wayburn's "Demi-Tasse Revue" at the Capitol Theatre (a movie house on Broadway with a wide stage for vaudeville acts), Variety mentioned Mae West on 31 October 1919, noting that she "also scored as a single with a burlesque 'shimmy' number."
• • On Friday, 24 October 1919 Mae West also sang "Oh, What a Moanin' Man."
• • On Tuesday, 24 October 1933 • •
• • Variety couldn't stop printing articles about "I'm No Angel" starring Mae West.  "Mae West Opera Wows Newark — Cops House Record, $28,000, and Held Over" ran in Variety's issue dated for Tuesday, 24 October 1933.
• • On Wednesday, 24 October 1934 • •
• • A review of "Belle of the Nineties" penned by Otis Ferguson was published on Wednesday, 24 October 1934.
• • On Tuesday, 24 October 2000 • •
• • After Paul Novak died, Mae West's items were catalogued by Butterfields Auction House in Los Angeles. The memorabilia portion of Mae's personal belongings went before bidders on Tuesday, 24 October 2000.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "If I am told to take out a line, I take it out without argument."
• • Mae West said:  "After I was called a sex symbol and the studios saw how much money my films made, they wanted others."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • An article about real estate mentioned Mae West.
• • Jayne in the UK wrote:  “Interestingly,” says Ginny Battson, “though we are a bit vague on details around the 1920s, 1930s, we are led to believe that Bill Yeomans, who was a Hereford cattle judge, ran a guesthouse at the property. Through his connections with the Hereford cattle society in America, a lot of famous celebrities would visit, including, Googie Withers, David Niven, and Mae West, who according to local gossip lost her earrings after a rendezvous in our field!” ...
• • Source: News Item: "Property For Sale uncovers 'star' interest"; posted October 2012 
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