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Mae West: Ernest Haller

MAE WEST, a comparative newcomer to the screen, plays the principal part in "She Done Him Wrong," which is based on a play written by herself, explained the movie editor of a daily in Australia.  
• • This film is being presented at the Regent Theatre with "The Little Giant," announced The Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday, 21 October 1933.
• • The "comparative newcomer" soon won the hearts of picture-goers Down Under.
• • Ernest Haller [31 May 1896 — 21 October 1970] •
• • Ernest Haller had the pleasure of working with Mae West in "Night After Night" [1932].
• • Cinematographer Ernest Haller was born in Los Angeles on 31 May 1896. A few years after working on this movie, Ernest Haller won an Oscar in 1940 for "Best Cinematography, Color" for Gone with the Wind [1939].
• • Haller died in a California road accident on Wednesday, 21 October 1970.  He was 74.
• • On Saturday, 21 October 1933 • •
• • The Broadway musical  "Let 'Em Eat Cake" previewed on Saturday, 21 October 1933 — — not far away from Election Day — — and played 90 performances at the Imperial Theatre [249 West 45th Street, NYC 10036]. One character in "Let 'Em Eat Cake" issues an order that Mae West should replace George Washington on the postage stamp.
• • On Thursday, 21 October 1943 • •
• • Harry Cohn of Columbia Pictures went to see Mae West in "The Heat's On" during the previews  Cohn had let Gregory Ratoff smooth talk him into a contract for it.  "The hicks may remember Mae West but the preview houses don't," Harry Cohn told a reporter on Thursday, 21 October 1943. "This picture is going to be a bust." The public concurred. Even Mae West would agree. Tsk.
• • On Tuesday, 21 October 1947 • •
• • It was on Tuesday, 21 October 1947 that Mae West first set foot in a playhouse in Manchester, England to present her Bowery melodrama "Diamond Lil."
• • On Thursday, 21 October 1993 • •
• • John Cohen's article on Mae West, "And West Is West," appeared in The New York Sun on Thursday, 21 October 1993.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "I was ten years ahead of my time. Some day, I'm going to produce those plays again."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • An article recently discussed Mae West.
• • Phil Dyess-Nugent wrote:  There’s a key difference between Mae West and most of the actresses who are remembered as sexy comediennes, like Marilyn Monroe: Monroe was a limited actress who, in her quest to be famous, learned to use what nature had given her.   Mae West, who wrote all her best material, chose sex as her subject matter, and if the audience accepted her as sexy, it was because there was clearly no percentage in arguing with her. A female rock critic once wrote that it might never have occurred to her, or anyone else, that Mick Jagger was beautiful if he hadn’t told them, and there was a lot Mick might have learned from West. (“When I was born with this face,” she tells her maids in I’m No Angel, “it was the same as strikin’ oil.”)  ...
• • Source: Article: "Where to start with film icon Mae West" written by Phil Dyess-Nugent for A.V. Club; published on Thursday, 6 September 2012 
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