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Mae West: Costliest

Americans got their Monday morning going on July 3rd with a big dose of MAE WEST.  In 1939, this was the scoop.
• • Mae West And Fields To Costar In Film For Universal • •
• • Picture Will Be Costliest Produced in Several Years • •
• • Hollywood, July 3 (UP) — Universal announced plans today to costar W.C. Fields, comedian, and Mae West in the costliest picture it has produced in several years. It will deal with The Old West.  W.C. Fields will play a sheriff and Miss West a tinseled lady. Grover Jones, ace cinerarist, has been assigned to write the play.
• • Source: Article: "Mae .West And Fields To Costar In Film For Universal" printed in The Miami Daily News (top of p. 8) on Monday, 3 July 1939.
• • Rudy Vallée [28 July 1901 — 3 July 1986] • •
• • Born in Island Pond, Vermont, Rudy Vallée was an actor as well as a singer, bandleader, and popular entertainer. His parents had ancestors who were of French Canadian origin and some who had emigrated from Ireland. [Similarly, Mae West's father's side was from Ireland and Canada and her maternal grandmother was French.]
• • The collection "Mae West — Original Radio Broadcasts" includes her rendition of "Frankie and Johnny" which was aired on "The Rudy Vallee Show" on Thursday, 2 Febru­ary 1933.
• • Rudy Vallée died on Thursday, 3 July 1986 at the age of 84 in Hollywood.
• • On Wednesday, 3 July 1929 in Variety • •
• • Someone at Variety, too upset that Mae West had scored a hit with "Diamond Lil," snickered that this "creative genius" from Brooklyn had stockpiled "volumes upon volumes of treatises on white slavery and a hot collection of pictures of burlesque queens."  These remarks were printed in Variety's issue dated for Wednesday, 3 July 1929.
• • On Monday, 3 July 1933 • •
• • Production of Mae West's motion picture "I'm No Angel" began on Monday, 3 July 1933 in Hollywood (and concluded in September 1933). 
• • On Saturday, 3 July 1943 • •
• • The weekend edition of the Los Angeles papers carried this provocative headline: "Diamonds to Trump the Axis."
• • Associated Press wrote: Hollywood, Calif. — Film star Mae West is shown with her diamond collection, estimated to be worth a half-million dollars, which she's turning over to the WPS for use in precision instruments and cutting drills in war factories. Miss West appears next in "Tropicana." 
• • This coverage was syndicated and appeared in various papers between July 3rd — July 6th, 1943.
• • On Thursday, 3 July 1969 • •
• • Filming for the motion picture "Myra Breckinridge" began on Thursday, 3 July 1969.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  "If you can't go straight, you've got to go around."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • An article on fashion mentioned Mae West.
• • Sameer Reddy wrote: Jean Paul Gaultier sought to channel classic Hollywood glamour, such as Mae West in "Go West Young Man."  ...
• • Source: Article: "Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture" written by Sameer Reddy for The N.Y. Times; published on 10 July 2009
By the Numbers • •
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