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Mae West: March On

MAE WEST inspired David Christopher, who worked and toured with her once upon a time.
• • According to Jack Lyons, Theatre and Film Critic, David Christopher has a long and distinguished career as a talented tenor who has performed and toured all over the USA for years with Mae West and her show. A gentleman, he always refers to her as “Miss West.”
• • Currently, a local cabaret producer and entertainer, David Christopher and his Chi-Chi Productions company brought two singing stars from Los Angeles/ Long Beach and the San Diego areas to present a show entitled “Divas Divine” at the landmark Lyons English Grille Restaurant in Palm Springs, California for one night only — — tonight at 8:00 pm on Sunday, 11 March 2012. Sounds like fun.
• • Paintings of Mae West in Las Vegas • •
• • Opening on 3 January 1997 was an Empire State fantasy, the New York — New York Hotel and Casino (3790 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109).
• • In the Rockefeller Restroom, visitors will find ornate Murano crystal chandeliers and wall sconces, pedestal sinks with ornamental touchless faucets, gilded mirror frames, custom tile, paintings of Mae West over marble, and painted fireplaces.
• • Raoul Walsh [11 March 1887 — 31 December 1980] • •
• • Born in the month of March, native New Yorker Raoul Walsh [11 March 1887 — 31 December 1980] was an American film director, actor, founding member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), and the brother of silent screen actor George Walsh. Born Albert Edward Walsh, he began as a stage actor in New York City in 1909, quickly progressing into film acting. In 1914, he became an assistant to D.W. Griffith and made his first full-length feature film "The Life of General Villa," followed by the critically-acclaimed "Regeneration" [1915], possibly the earliest gangster film.
• • While on location for the film "In Old Arizona," the five-foot-eleven actor suffered a car accident in which he lost his right eye. Raoul Walsh never acted again and wore an eye patch for the rest of his life.
• • Mae West signaled her desire for Raoul Walsh to direct her forthcoming motion picture "Klondike Lou" — — via the syndicated gossip column of Louella Parsons during the summer of 1935.
• • On 11 March 1936 in NYC • •
• • The reviews of "Klondike Annie" starring Mae West — — as The Frisco Doll, Rose Carlton, Sister Annie Alden — — began appearing in the month of March. In Manhattan, there was an exclusive engagement at the Paramount Theatre, 1501 Broadway, N.Y., for the week of 11 March 1936
• • On Saturday, 11 March 2000 in Alaska • •
• • A midnight showing of "The Drag" by Mae West was held at Goldtown Nickelodeon Theater on Saturday, 11 March 2000 in Alaska. The director was Heather Paige.
• • On Thursday, 11 March 2011 in Las Vegas • •
• • Gary A. Warner writes: The Sahara Hotel & Casino, which dates to the days of Frank Sinatra's "Rat Pack" and has featured the likes of Mae West and Marlene Dietrich in its showrooms, will close on 16 May 2011.
• • Gary A. Warner adds: Hotel officials said ownership was considering its options on whether to re-brand the hotel or redevelop the aging property. ... [Source: "Sahara hotel in Las Vegas to close in May" written by Gary A. Warner, Register Travel Editor, for The Orange County Register; posted on Thursday 11 March 2011].
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "It was my first love affair with my audience, and it's lasted all my life. That was the only one that ever really counted. No man could equal that. I ached for it, the spotlight, which was like the strongest man's arms around me, like an ermine coat."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • An article about "The Drag" in Alaska mentioned its author Mae West.
• • In the article "Exposing another side of Mae West," Riley Woodford wrote: Sometimes it takes a double life to expose a double life. "The Drag,'' a play by Mae West, opens Friday in the Goldtown Nickelodeon Theater. Everything about the production seems to comment on the theme of the play — — leading two lives. The play, written by an actress, is being produced by an educator and will be presented in a movie theater.
• • Riley Woodford wrote: Mae West, best known as the sexual icon of the 1920s and 1930s, also wrote three plays. Heather Paige, who is directing "The Drag,'' said all three had successful runs on Broadway during West's era. She said although West is remembered almost exclusively for her sexy persona, she was a talented writer.
• • Riley Woodford wrote: "The Drag'' is not so much a show about men dressing as women and women dressing as men, but people not living up to their potential, their personal goals and aspirations, said producer Brian Schaffer. The main characters in the show are a young woman and her husband, who is a closeted gay man with a double life. "She has no clue, and she's unhappy because after a year she's still a virgin,'' Paige said. She said some of the characters in the play are set in 1927, and others are more contemporary. "Some are rigid characters, and others are more free-thinking,'' she said. Heather Paige discovered Mae West's plays in an acting class at the University of Alaska Southeast last winter. The idea of producing the "The Drag'' has been on her mind ever since. . . .
• • Riley Woodford wrote: "It's a timely show, despite the fact it was written in 1927 [sic]. It's a story that needs to be heard, whether you agree with the lifestyle or not,'' Brian Schaffer said. "The Drag'' has a cast of about 20, with another 20 pitching in as stage crew and production assistants. Perseverance Theatre donated costumes and some set pieces, and UAS contributed a grant to rent the Nickelodeon Theater. "If it weren't for all these factions in Juneau, we'd have nothing,'' Schaffer said.
• • Riley Woodford wrote: "The Drag'' opens at 7 pm on Friday, 3 March 2000. It runs Friday through Sunday this week and Thursday through Sunday next week, closing March 12. All show times are at 7 pm, with an additional show at midnight on Saturday, 11 March 2000. Paige said she may extend the show a week if there's a demand. . . . .
• • Source: Article: "Exposing another side of Mae West" written by Riley Woodford for Juneau Empire; published on Thursday, 2 March 2000

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