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Mae West: Robin Ireland

It was November 2001 at the busy Baltimore-Washington International Airport and passengers waiting in lines were confounded, entertained, tickled, and jostled by the likes of MAE WEST, Cher, Madonna, Groucho, Austin Powers, and even Uncle Sam.
• • According to Washington Post reporter Fern Shen: Groucho and the rest of the troupe of pop-culture icons were hired by the Maryland Aviation Administration to soothe the jangled nerves of travelers scared about flying or cheesed-off by hours-long waits. "We decided anything to make the environment more friendly and comfortable would help — — anything that would be distracting would be good," said John White, a BWI spokesman. If comic relief is good for travelers, who could be better at it than a Mae-impersonator armed with an arsenal of familiar one-liners? A tarmac with a laugh track — — good move, BWI.
• • In November, Let's Remember Robin Ireland [1960 — 2006] • •
• • Psychic Richard Ireland was a frequent guest at the beach house of Mae West. Once in awhile, he brought his two teenagers with him, Mark and Robin.
• • Mark Ireland once recalled: Because of his phenomenal abilities, Richard Ireland counseled many celebrities — — including film star Mae West.
• • Mark Ireland said: Richard's daughter, my sister, Robin Ireland [16 April 1960 — 25 November 2006] passed after an extended battle with cancer on 25 November 2006 at 2:45AM. Robin was courageous and faithful, demonstrating grace and acceptance, while knowing that her life on earth was drawing to a close. Robin had a tremendous passion for music and her talent is remembered by all who knew her. Robin's voice is still heard, both in recordings left behind and through new songs in the next realm.
• • A lovely and gifted individual, Robin was 46 when she gave her family one last smile on November 25th.
• • On 25 November 1980 in Los Angeles • •
• • A private service for Mae West was held in the Old North Church replica, in Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills, on 25 November 1980. Another service followed at Cypress Hills Cemetery (NYC).
• • On 25 November 1989 in the Orlando Sentinel • •
• • This auction news was reported on 25 November 1989: The London auction house Christie's plans to offer a collection of film memorabilia next month, including six signed love letters the film star Errol Flynn penned from his London boarding school to a friend's sister. Carey Wallace of Christie's said Friday: ''I can't imagine there are any earlier Flynn love letters.'' The billets-doux are expected to fetch about $1,500 and will be auctioned along with derbies that belonged to Laurel and Hardy — — and imitation diamonds owned by actress Mae West.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "A dame that knows the ropes isn’t likely to get tied up."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • An article about a 29-year-old collector in Florida mentioned Mae West.
• • Jesse Portis Helms wrote: Not long ago, while scouring antique shops in Dania, Evan Bernstein bought a collection of Mae West memorabilia. The collection included Mae West autographed books, record albums and many newspaper articles.
• • And to his surprise, amid all the Mae West relics, he found one of the most complete collections of clippings about Jayne Mansfield.
• • Charles Herschberg of Hallandale, who originally bought a Jayne Mansfield hot water bottle from Bernstein, explained the connection between the two film sirens. "There were lots of clippings about how Jayne stole her husband from Mae West`s act," said Herschberg, who is writing a book about Mansfield. "Over the years, stories get simplified, but these articles contain all the original quotes."
• • Brad Simmons, 14, of Plantation, Florida has been collecting movie memorabilia and art deco objects since he was 8. He recently bought a Mae West autograph from Bernstein. "I`ve bought antique toys from him and my mother buys his art deco jewelry," Brad said. "I never thought I could find things like that right here in Broward County." . . .
• • Source: Article: "Collector Keeps Eye On The Past At Home, At Work" written by Jesse Portis Helm, Special to the News/ Sun-Sentinel; published on 25 November 1986
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