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Mae West: All Over the Map

During October 1947 MAE WEST was touring Great Britain with the road company of "Diamond Lil" and doing many media interviews at each stop. However, on 1 October 1947, a peculiar headline popped up thanks to a correspondent based in England who wrote for The New York Times. The news item squashed a rumor: "Mae West Denies Story — — Actress "Knew Nothing About" Doing a Program for the BBC.
• • By 21 October 1947 the troupe was in Manchester.
• • In October, Let's Remember Eddie Cantor • •
• • Born on the Lower Eastside of New York on 31 January 1892, Eddie Cantor was an American comedian, singer, actor, songwriter, and one of the most popular entertainers in the USA in the early and middle 20th century. He was known to Broadway, radio, and early television audiences as "Banjo Eyes" and "the Apostle of Pep."
• • On 20 January 1934, Eddie Cantor was the M.C. during a stage show at the Paramount Theatre (Broadway and West 43rd Street). In one number, he appeared in a Mae West costume. Yes, this actually happened onstage, so try to imagine it.
• • On 22 January 1934, both Mae West and Eddie Cantor entertained at the New Amsterdam Theatre — — at the 52nd annual benefit for the Actors' Fund.
• • For some time, Eddie Cantor paired with Mae West's idol: Bert Williams. Both vaudevillians performed in blackface, Eddie playing Bert Williams's son.
• • Eddie Cantor died in the month of October — — on 10 October 1964.
• • Mae West on the Map • •
• • There are so many roads and streets named for the Brooklyn bombshell. For instance, there is a Mae West Road in Confluence, Pennsylvania. Come up and see it sometime.
• • Mae West on the Bookshelf • •
• • Mae West inspired a book title. This 106-page memoir is titled "My Little Chickadee," because that is the nickname her father gave to Betty (the memoirist) when she was a little girl — — a reference to the famous motion picture starring Mae West and W.C Fields. Betty Kielinen Erkkila was born on 28 November 1941 and reminisces about her growing up years until 1959. North Star Press in Minnesota published this autobiography. Good luck to the Finnish-American author.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: “I like restraint — — if it doesn't go too far."
• • Mae West said: "Don’t let a man put anything over on you except an umbrella."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • An article about Mae West appeared recently in American History Magazine.
• • Peter Carlson writes about Mae's stage play "Sex" and quotes a few lines from it: Mae West understood that sex, controversy and a juicy tabloid trial can be great for a career. She pulled out a pistol and pointed it at the pimp. Then she picked up the phone and called the cops.
• • "Hello, police headquarters?" Margy LaMont said. "Will you kindly send someone here immediately to take a desperate character?" When Margy hung up, the pimp begged her not to hand him over to the cops. Give me a chance to run, he pleaded, and I'll never bother you again. ...
• • Source: Article: "Mae West's Secret of Success" written by Peter Carlson for American History; posted on 14 September 2011

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