Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mae West: Shirley Temple

During the 1930s, MAE WEST and Shirley Temple were featured together in lavish spreads for Look Magazine and other publications. Occasionally, the curly-headed child star was photographed in an 1890s gown, hand on hip, deliberately imitating Mae's trademark gesture.
• • Shirley Jane Temple was born in Santa Monica, California during April - - 23 April 1928 - - and celebrated her 79th birthday this month.
• • In 1931, her parents propelled her into dance classes in Hollywood when the moppet was only three years old.
• • Extremely talented and enormously popular, Shirley Temple made about 40 films during the Depression, out-performing the box office offerings for many adult actors.
• • In 1967, British artist Jann Haworth put together this collage featuring Mae West, Shirley Temple, and W.C Fields. The "mixed media" piece [50 inches high and 31 inches wide] was created using fabric, wood, and plastic. An English gallery noted that it was available for sale.
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• • Photo: • • Mae West collage • • 1967 • •

Mae West.

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