Sunday, December 17, 2006

Mae West: Shod

MAE WEST was particular about her shoes. Who shod the comedienne's petite feet?

• • In 1920, Alfred J. Cammeyer was the be all in Manhattan for ladies footwear.
• • From a single shop on Sixth Avenue and West Twelfth Street - - under the Sixth Avenue Elevated Train and not far from Jefferson Market Jail - - canny salesman Cammeyer expanded his empire.

• • As Prohibition was increasing the number of speakeasies, greatly enhancing the popularity of nightlife and upping the demand for pretty shoes, the demand for fashion kept apace. Smart merchants made the shopping experience more enjoyable and luxurious. A.J. Cammeyer sold footwear to flappers from three new emporiums by 1920: 47 West 34th Street, 557 Fifth Avenue, and 672 Fifth Avenue.
• • Mae was investing more in her costumes by 1920. Photographs show her pretty feet in low-heeled boots and Queen-Anne-style mules by Cammeyer.
• • His West 34th Street location was well-situated near Macy's Department Store - - and not far from the Manhattan Opera House on West 34th Street and Eighth Avenue, where Mae West entertained in December 1920 at various Sunday concerts.
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• • Illustration: Mae West • • shoemaker • • 1920 • •

Mae West.

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