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Mae West: Not Born Female

While you’re sleeping, college professors in Hungary are thinking about MAE WEST. Here’s a long, striking research paper you might have missed. This is Part 47.
• • "Mae West. The Dirty Snow White" • •
• • Written by:  Zsófia Anna Tóth
• • Not Born a Woman • •
• • Zsófia Anna Tóth wrote: While examining the issue of “femininity as construction” in the figures of femmes fatales Bruzzi unites Riviere’s masquerade and Butler’s idea of performativity concerning “the dynamics of the body/social performance relationship” as well as Beauvoir’s famous sentence that “[o]ne is not born a woman, rather becomes one” (166). According to Butler, the corporeal performance provides a surface sign and that “incorporation” is only the effect of “corporeal signification” (Bruzzi 166), thus the corporeal performative enactments are only constructions:
• • Zsófia Anna Tóth wrote: [s]uch acts, gestures, enactments, generally construed, are performative in the sense that the essence or identity that they otherwise purport to express are fabrications manufactured and sustained through corporeal signs and other discursive means. (Butler qtd. in Bruzzi 166-167)
• • clothes and the body • •  . . .
• • This was Part 47 of a lengthy article. Part 48 will follow tomorrow.   
• • Source: Americana — — E-Journal of American Studies in Hungary; Vol. XI, No. 1, Spring 2015.
• • On Tuesday, 10 April 1928 • •
• • The New York Times reported on "Diamond Lil" on Tuesday, 10 April 1928 on page 32. The review carried this headline "'DIAMOND LIL' IS LURID AND OFTEN STIRRING" and a sub-title "Mae West's Melodrama at the Royale Suffers From a Bad Third Act."
• • Despite the caveat about the last act, there was praise. The critic from The Times noted: "Miss West has a fine and direct way of approaching that subject" — — i.e., sex — — "that is almost Elizabethan. If you can stay in the theatre, you are likely to enjoy it."
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Like scores of other film players, buxom Mae West finds the lure of the footlights is irresistible. Now in New York, the famous Diamond Lil of stage and screen announces that shortly she will produce and act in a Broadway production of her own.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "They brought in a script. It wasn't right. It may have been all right for somebody else — — but it wasn't a Mae West story. Should I rewrite it? I couldn't really. The structure was wrong."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • An academic conference mentioned Mae West.
• • “She Stole Everything but the Camera”: Demonstrating Mae West’s Powerful Embodied Performance Presence  was a paper given at this event by Dr. Alissa Clarke (De Montfort University, UK).
• • Event: “Performing Stardom”: New Methods in Critical Star Studies on Friday, 29 May 2015.
• • NoRMMA organised an interdisciplinary conference on non-traditional approaches to star studies research.  The one-day event was held at the University of Kent on May 29th, 2015.
• • Source: Item on an academic calendar; published on Friday, 29 May 2015
• • The evolution of 2 Mae West plays that keep her memory alive • • 
• • A discussion with Mae West playwright LindaAnn LoSchiavo — — 
• • http://lideamagazine.com/renaissance-woman-new-york-city-interview-lindaann-loschiavo/
• • The Mae West Blog celebrates its 13th anniversary • •  
• • Thank you for reading, sending questions, and posting comments during these past thirteen years. Not long ago, we entertained 3,497 visitors. And we reached a milestone recently when we completed 3,800 blog posts. Wow!  
• • By the Numbers • •
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• • Mae West • on a song sheet in 1928

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