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Mae West: Mountable Figure

In July 1970, The Australian Women's Weekly discussed MAE WEST and her eagerly awaited return to the silver screen in a lengthy, unhurried article.  This is Part 3.
• • She's NOT Myra Breckinridge, but Mae Gets the Top Billing • •
• • Mae makes her entrance • •  
• • Don Prince wrote:  Her entrance is as grand as that of Cleopatra Nile-ing it in her barge. She sashays in, hips afloat, the whole hour-glass figure moving with provoca ting sensuality, head held high, blue eyes beckoning as the famous smile sets a mood of intentional mock seduction.
• • That Mountable figure • •
• • Mae West gives the living lie to those who might be expecting a travesty trammelled by time, a grotesque mask or a made-up face lifted beyond reason above a body man-made and wired for everything including sound. At an age she aptly describes as "seventy-sex," she still flaunts the lovely, rounded figure, unencumbered by a corset. [This was vouched for by Edith Head, who has designed Mae's screen wardrobe since "She Done Him Wrong."]
• • "Myra Breckinridge" • • . . .
• • This was Part 3. This article continues tomorrow with Part 4.
• • Source: Article "Mae Gets Top Billing" written by Don Prince for The Australian Women's Weekly; published on Wednesday, 1 July 1970.
• • On Sunday, 17 July 1932 in Los Angeles • •
• • Interviewed for The L.A. Times by California reporter Muriel Babcock,  Mae West told her, "The screen doesn't require as much acting of a certain type. The camera catches the slightest facial movements, the slightest twitch of an eye." The complete interview appeared in the weekend edition on Sunday, 17 July 1932.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Emanuel Cohen announced in Film Daily that Mae was making a new motion picture for Major Pictures Corp. The title, said Cohen, was "Sapphire Sal — Night of Mystery." Starring Mae West and Grant Richards, this film would be directed by Eddie Sutherland.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  "To err is human — — but it feels divine."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • A gossip column by Louella Parsons mentioned Mae West.
• • Louella Parsons writes: How Hollywood did buzz today when it was whispered that Mae West was booked for a concert tour and would sing and do an act similar to the Harry Lauder sketches. ...
• • Source: Column: "Mae West Booked for Concert Tour" written by Louella Parsons for The San Antonio Light; published on Monday, 12 July 1937 
• • NoteSir Henry "Harry" Lauder [4 August 1870 – 26 February 1950] was a Scottish singer and comedian popular in both the English music hall and vaudevillian theatre tradition. Harry Lauder was perhaps best known for his long-standing hit "I Love a Lassie" and for his international success.
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