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Mae West: She'd Be Great

A very long article about MAE WEST and her career in Tinseltown appeared five years ago.  It was written by Paul Phaneuf. Let's enjoy it together. This is Part 1.
• • Mae West: "I'm here to make talkies" or Censor Will vs. Diamond Lil • •
• • Paul Phaneuf wrote:  "Just so long as we have Mae West on our hands with the particular kind of story which she goes in for, we are going to have trouble. Difficulty is inherent in a Mae West picture."  [Office memo from Joseph Breen, head of the Hays Code Administration Office.]
• • Paul Phaneuf explained:  It was 1932 and actor George Raft was just getting ready to hit it big in Hollywood. Having appeared in bit parts in four movies in 1931 and now getting star-making notice for his coin-tossing gangster in "Scarface," the sky seemed the limit. Paramount Pictures had him under contract and was trying to find him a leading role.
• • Paul Phaneuf continued:  They thought they finally had the right vehicle in the Runyon-esque gangster comedy Night After Night. One of the supporting roles was that of a jilted girlfriend "Maudie Triplett," and director Archie Mayo thought Texas Guinan ("The Queen of The Speakeasies") would be just right for it. Raft had his own ideas and told Mayo, "Guinan's a friend of mine and she'd be great, but I know a woman who would be sensational." He was speaking of his ex-girlfriend from his New York days — — Mae West.   . . .
• • This was Part 1. Part 2 will appear tomorrow.
• • Source:  Article by Paul Phaneuf in Films of the Golden Age Magazine;  issue dated 5 November 2011. Used with permission.
• • On Friday, 3 January 1936 in Australia • •
• • An intriguing article appeared in The West Australian on Friday, 3 January 1936 with this headline: "Favourite Camera Men of the Stars."  It read:  The recent dispute between Mae West, Raoul Walsh (director), and Paramount executives over the quality of the photography of her new picture, 'Klondike Annie," which caused a four-day production halt while a new cameraman was found has been given much prominence in America and inspired 'Variety'' to a consideration of stars and their favourite cameraman. ...
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Q. Did Mae West really make all those wisecracks, spontaneously, over the telephone to the 13 editors in the nation-wide interview, or did she have rehearsals?
• • A. She did not have rehearsals. Mae's wit, both off the screen and on, is, apparently, as endless and as spectacular as her wardrobe.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  "Busy people don't sin."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • The Daily mentioned Mae West.
• • "Other Stages" • •
• • Unless there has been a change In plans, Mae West opens Tuesday at Veterans' Memorial Auditorium, Columbus, in something called "Sextette." John Kenley is producing  . . .
• • Source: Item in The Cincinnati Enquirer; published on  Sunday, 30 July 1961 
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