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Mae West: Her Measurments

In September 1934, MAE WEST sat down for a series of "Me and My Past" talks with the United Press syndicated reporter Leicester Wagner.  We will post excerpts from Chapter #3 in several installments.  This is Chapter 3, excerpt d-d.
• • "Me and My Past" by Mae West • •
• • As Told to Leicester Wagner United Press Staff Correspondent • •
• • I'm not bragging • •  
• • I'm not bragging about what happened, nor am I gloating over how the others took it — — or, rather, couldn't take it.
• • I just want to point out what happened and to stick by my figures, because I place a lot of faith in figures — — 'specially my own. And while we're talking about figures, I'm besieged with the exact measurements of this and that.
• • It's even gotten so the boys are betting on certain angles of my curves, how much I weigh and things like that.
• • Her Measurements • •
• • Here's the way I stack up: Height 5 feet, 4 inches [sic]; weight 119 pounds (shower-side); bust 36; hips 36; waist 26; thigh 19 1/2; knee 13 1/2; calf 13 1/4; ankle 8 1/2; shoe: size four.  
• • Note: Maybe Mae's shoe size was accurate but she is being "creative" about the rest here.
• • When I came to Hollywood, I weighed 125 pounds. I was advised to diet. They almost talked me into it.  But I thought I'd stick by the curves that the people had paid to see in New York City.
• • I'd seen too many movie stars in love scenes who gave the impression that instead of kissing their handsome leading man, it would do them much more good to go outside and get a square meal. And evidently I was right.
• • Healthy Child • •  . . .
• • This has been excerpt d-d.  Tomorrow's post will be e-e — —  the continuation of Chapter #3.
• • NOTE: This is the 2nd chapter of Mae West's life story as told to Leicester Wagner, United Press.  This syndicated series was reprinted in American newspapers during September 1934.
• • On Saturday, 10 November 1928 • •
• • The New Yorker published a lengthy Mae West interview titled "Diamond Mae" illustrated with a cheeky illustration on page 26. Written by Thyra Samter Winslow, this profile appeared in the issue dated for the week of 10 November 1928.
• • On Saturday, 10 November 1951 • •
• • "Diamond Lil," after a regional tour, returned to the Broadway Theatre for a victory lap. Gus Jordan's Gay Nineties saloon on the Bowery was seen again on The Great White Way beginning on 14 September 1951.
• • Two months later, Mae West and her gaudy retinue took their final bows on Saturday, 10 November 1951 after this "last stand" on Broadway — — yes, sixty-seven performances.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • This motion picture contains Miss West's famous grape-peeling line "If you've got nothin' to do and lots of time to do it in, come on up and see me sometime," in addition to the recurrent my little chickadee expression which became W.C. Fields' hallmark.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:   "Men are like cigars. If you don't attend to them, they go out."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • A California newspaper mentioned Mae West.
• • Roxy Theatre, Santa Rosa • •
• • Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at the Roxy — — Mae West's triumph, "I’m No Angel.”
• • Paramount Pictures said that Miss West wrote this story herself and in it she dispels the idea that she can play only parts of a girl of thirty years ago. Besides her dramatic characterization of Tira, the lion tamer, she exhibits her rare ability as a comedienne.  ...
• • Source: Item in Healdsburg Tribune; published on Saturday, 10 November 1934
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