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Mae West: Madera Theatre

MAE WEST fans in California were eager to see her latest motion picture success at the Madera Theatre.
• • "Mae West In Comedy at Madera Tomorrow" • •
• • Mae West among the cows and chickens! Romance in a barnyard and love among the hayricks! That's “Go West Young Man,” Miss West's latest starring vehicle with Warren William, Randolph Scott, Lyle Talbot and many others, which plays tomorrow night at the Madera Theatre.
• • With Miss West cast as a high strung and romantic movie actress enjoined by her contract from indulging in romance, and with Warren William as the press agent who accompanies her to make sure she doesn't violate the contract, “Go West Young Man” deals with the curvaceous actress’s attempts to find love and William’s efforts to frustrate her.
• • After a personal appearance in Washington, Miss West meets Talbot, an old flame, and makes a date with him. This is “crabbed" by William who invites the press to the tete-a-tete. On the road, her car breaks down and she is forced to put up at the farm of Alice Brady while Scott, a mechanic, fixes the vehicle.  She is furious at the delay but when she sees the handsome mechanic she decides to remain.
• • William prevents a private meeting between Miss West and Scott by inviting the entire countryside to the farm to get the star’s autograph. In the meantime, Lyle Talbot has been trying to locate Miss West. He gets the impression that she has been kidnapped and an alarm is broadcast for her.  Isabel Jewell, maid-of-all work at the Brady farm, hears the alarm. She gets her boy friend to go for the police, believing William to be the kidnapper. The police arrive and in order to set even with William, Miss West tells them he kidnapped her. With her three swains around her, Miss West makes her choice. It wouldn’t be fair to tell who it was nor why, since the solution is one of the high spots in the delightful comedy.
• • Source: Review in Madera Daily Tribune (California); published on Monday, 18 January 1937.
• • On Thursday, 18 January 1934 • •
• • On the third day of the robbery and jewel heist trial in Los Angeles, on 18 January 1934, Mae West was called to the witness stand to speak about Edward Friedman.
• • Worried after receiving death threats, and flanked by a human shield of husky detectives, Mae West entered the courtroom strikingly garbed in purple in Los Angeles. Career criminal Edward Friedman was charged with robbing the movie queen of $12,000 worth of diamonds and $3,400 in cash.
• • On Tuesday, 18 January 1938 • •
• • Editorials began to appear defending Mae West after the uproar of Catholic groups who were reacting to "The Chase and Sanborn Hour" and the Garden of Eden skit. One man who wrote an editorial critical of the FCC was George C. Guinther. His open letter to the FCC, defending Mae, ran in a newspaper on Tuesday, 18 January 1938.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Even after finding his groove as an actor, Lyle Talbot was still a bit of a wide-eyed kid from Nebraska. He was a party-goer and ladies' man, but he was so put off, even frightened, by actress Mae West's in-your-face sexuality that he hid out for a week to avoid joining the road company of "Sex," her latest scandalous play.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  "It takes two to get one in trouble."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • A California paper mentioned Mae West.
• • "Film Class Sees Mae West of 1914" • •
• • They had a "Mae West" in 1914 that far outstripped any manhunting the current version ever attempted. Her name was Theda Bara and one of her most successful vehicles, in which four of her lovers went to the devil, was "A Fool There Was."  . . .
• • Source: Intro to an article in The Stanford Daily; published on Tuesday, 19 January 1937
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