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Mae West: No Pay

MAE WEST triumphed in court on Wednesday, 1  October 1941.  Let's view this vintage portrait of Frank Wallace and this newspaper clip together.
• • NO PAY — Judge in San Bernadino, Cal., court turned down $l,000 a month separate maintenance plea of Frank Wallace, above, husband of Mae West, which he filed against blonde actress.
• • Source: Item in The Daily Banner (Greencastle, Indiana); published on Wednesday, 1  October 1941.   
• • Note: Part of the embarrassment of the divorce case was seeing the current photo of her ex-husband Frank Wallace printed next to her own very glamourous Hollywood headshots. We're guessing the old vaudevillian looked a mite more appealing on their wedding day back in 1911.
• • On Wednesday, 1 October 1913 • •
• • The New York Morning Telegraph sent reviewers to cover the show at Proctor's Fifth Avenue when Mae West had one of the top spots. "She is not volcanic in style and manifests no inclination to whoop it up," remarked a critic in the N.Y. Morning Telegraph on Wednesday, 1 October 1913.
• • In an edition a few days later, The New York Clipper called her "one of the most vivacious soubrettes that has graced the vaudeville stage in many moons."  No doubt Mae had changed her act because she was now touring with headliner Guido Deiro.
• • On Monday, 1 October 1928 • •
• • Mae West's gay play "Pleasure Man" had a $200,000 box office advance when it premiered at the Biltmore on Monday, 1 October 1928. The police raided the show, however, and shut it down the same night.
• • On Tuesday, 1 October 1935 • •
• • In 1935, Paramount Pictures tried to re-release Mae West's two Pre-Code hits from 1933, "She Done Him Wrong" and "I'm No Angel." But Joe Breen had tightened the celluloid noose explaining, in a letter dated Tuesday, 1 October 1935, that these were "so completely in violation of the Code that it is utterly impossible for us to issue a certificate of approval."
• • On Friday, 1 October 1937 • •
• • On Friday, 1 October 1937, Paramount Pictures announced that the venerable restaurant and hotel owner George Rector [1878 — 1947] would be co-starring with Mae West in her latest motion picture "Every Day's a Holiday."
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Her latest picture is several shades below Mae West's previous best, but not lacking in laughs created by the typical Westian wise-cracks with rough edges.  Mae appears as a dance-hall girl who inherits the fortune of a rich miner and then proceeds to crash society.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  "What I'm looking for is a nice place so arranged that my sister and brother-in-law can live in entire privacy. Just as I can. That is one of the most important things in living. Privacy Is conducive to friendliness."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • A Hollywood columnist discussed Mae West and her home in Kew Gardens.
• • "Not giving up her house in Manhattan nor her place in Kew Gardens" • •
• • Grady Johnson wrote: Miss West disclosed that she had no intention of giving up her New York residences — — the one in New York City and the other in Kew Gardens, Queens.
• • Mae West said: "I never intended to buy out here, but when my sister Beverly came out to the West Coast, she wasn't comfortable in an apartment.  So, to please her, I'm house hunting. I'm not much good at running a house, so she'll attended to all the details." . . .
• • Source: Times Herald (Olean, New York); published on Saturday, 26 September 1936
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