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Mae West: James John Evans

There was a flotation device named after MAE WEST.  Who invented it? On Saturday, 8 September 1945 several British newspapers printed this syndicated article.
• • "Mae West" Was His Invention! • •
• • In the Patent Office, in Chancery Lane, London, the records show against the numbers 307,228, 343,782, and 455,336 the name of James John Evans. Thousands of airmen owe their lives to an invention registered under these numbers.  But they have never heard of James John Evans, who died last week at Rhyl, North Wales.  Not even his neighbours knew his great life-saving secret, for he never talked about it. He used to say to his wife that he was well rewarded for his invention every time he read of an airman being saved from "the drink." For he invented the lifesaving jacket known as the "Mae West." He was in the RAF in World War I.  — — London "Sunday Express," 10/6/45.
• • Source: Item reprinted by The Argus (Melbourne, Australia); published on Saturday, 8 September 1945.
• • On Tuesday, 8 September 1914 • •
• • In early September 1914, accordionist Guido Deiro was booked at the Majestic Theatre, San Antonio, as a headliner.  On Tuesday, 8 September 1914 the San Antonio Light announced the featured entertainment, noting that another variety artist was Mae West, "the Eva Tanguay of vaudeville" — — including her name (with no fanfare) among six other acts.
• • On Friday, 8 September 1922 in Variety • •
• • "Mae West, author, loses her pianist," noted Variety in their issue dated for Friday, 8 September 1922.
• • Harry Richman — — an unknown in 1922 when Mae West gave him a chance — —  ditched her to join singer Nora Bayes [1880 — 1928] in her vaudeville act.  Awww.
• • On Monday, 8 September 1969 • •
• • Stanley Musgrove noted in his log on Monday, 8 September 1969 how much Mae West was trying to rewrite her portion of the script to make the character Leticia Van Allen more interesting.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • During his time in Los Angeles, one of Derek Taylor's clients in his public relations company was Mae West.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  "After a girl has put a lot of time and effort into getting her man, she's got a  right to brag about it."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • Warren Buffet mentioned Mae West.
• • Warren Buffett: (Laughs.) No, I don't think there's much to get back into. We were with them . . .  I think we owned 8-1/2 percent or so of Freddie Mac in 1999, but they, unfortunately,  followed the course of Mae West when she said, 'I was Snow White — — but I drifted.' (Laughter.) Both Freddie Mac and Fannie not only drifted, I mean, they were blown away. . . .
• • Source: Interviewed by Alex Crippen for CNBC; published on Monday, 8 September 2008 
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