Monday, July 20, 2015

Mae West: Brought Back

MAE WEST made such an impression on the audience that her motion pictures were often called back to the movie houses, as this item from a California newspaper on Thursday, 20 July 1933 proves.
• • Mae West in "She Done Him Wrong,” her best and most popular picture and one of the most popular of the year, is to be brought back to the theater for Saturday only. Miss West, in her characterization and comedy, is inimitable.
• • Source: Item in Eagle Rock Advertiser (California); published on Thursday, 20 July 1933.
• • On Saturday, 20 July 1935 • •
• • On 20 July 1935, The Evening Capital let its readers know about an unusual evening when they printed this headline: "Mae West Dines With Gov. Nice."  Harry W. Nice [1877 — 1941] was Governor of Maryland for four years, from 1935 to 1939.
• • On Monday, 20 July 1942 • •
• • Subscribers of the Reading Eagle opened their morning edition dated for Monday, 20 July 1942 and saw this juicy bit on page 14: "Mae West Requests Divorce from Wallace on 'Cruelty'."
• • Los Angeles, July 20, AP — Mae West and her onetime vaudeville partner Frank Wallace planned today to end their marriage, a ceremony kept secret for years, then widely publicized.
• • Mae asked for a divorce on the ground of cruelty. Her complaint contained no specific charges.   ...
• • Frank Wallace came to court with "unclean hands" • •
• • Frank Wallace had come into court with "unclean hands," inasmuch as he had married Rae Blakesley in New York in 1916 without seeking a divorce from Mae. ... He admits he lived with his second wife for 19 years.
• • On Sunday, 20 July 1952 • •
• • Connecticut reporter Joe De Bona interviewed Mae West and asked her, "If all the men in the world suddenly died, would you want to go on living?"
• • Her reply was printed in the Connecticut Sunday Herald on 20 July 1952. Mae responded, "No, there would be no sense in it."
• • On Monday, 20 July 1964 • •
• • The Hollywood Reporter published an article on Mae West,  "Very Warm for Mae." It ran in their issue dated for Monday, 20 July 1964.
• • Save the Dates: 3 Mondays in August 2015 • •
• • Onstage Outlaws — — Mae West and Texas Guinan during the Lawless Prohibition Era • •
• • 3 events commemorate the Brooklyn bombshell’s August birthday in the room where she faced a judge who sent her to jail • •
• • New York's Annual Mae West Tribute: to celebrate the birthday of Brooklyn bombshell Mae West, on August 3rd and on August 10th, her films will be shown at 6:00pm. The first one, "Sextette" [1978] will be screened on August 3rd. Then "Go West Young Man" [1936] will be screened on August 10th. The August 17th multi-media presentation will feature light refreshments (courtesy of East Village Cheese) and a raffle. You could win rare films starring Texas Guinan. Or maybe a rare reprint by The New Yorker’s caricaturist Alfred Freuh or by a famous N. Y. Times illustrator.
• • Refreshment sponsor: East Village Cheese

• • Details — — Mae West Tribute: Triple Treat in 2015
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Mae West, the most spectacular figure in the current Broadway theatrical world, makes her debut as a screen star in Paramount's "She Done Him Wrong," a lusty melodrama which she herself wrote.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  "Good sex is like good bridge. If you don't have a good partner, you'd better have a good hand."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • The New York Clipper mentioned Mae West.
• • "Answers to Queries" • •
• • Frank Tinney was at the Moulin Rouge (New York Theatre) in "A Winsome Widow." There were also Harry Kelly, Chas. J. Ross, Leon Errol, Chas. King, Elizabeth Brice, Emmy Wehlen, Harry Conor, Sidney Jarvis, The Dolly Twins, and Mae West.  . . .
• • Source: News item in New York Clipper; published on Wednesday, 20 July 1921
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