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Mae West: Hays Code Hex

Movie theatre owners lost business due to the Hays Code and stars like MAE WEST no longer were able to shape their scripts to suit their personalities and play to their strengths.
• • "Hollywood Stars Criticised" • •
• • "Box Office Poison — —  Theatres Losing Money!" • •
• • Hollywood, May 5.  The Independent Theatre Owners' Association of New York has advertised in Hollywood that it is "tired of losing money on such stars as Mae West, Greta Garbo, and Joan Crawford."
• • The advertisement states that many of the most highly paid stars in the industry have become box office "poison," and it advises producers to concentrate on making good pictures, because "sound judgment and good business sense are valuable assets in an Industry which Is far from being an art."
• • The advertisement named Katharine Hepburn, Kay Francis, Marlene Dietrich, as other stars "whose public appeal is negligible," adding: "There are many, many others."   . . .
• • Mr. John Mannheimer, the executive secretary of the Independent Theatre Owners' Association in New York, declared that the organisation was not attacking the stars personally. These stars, if given the right kind of vehicles, he said, would be the same stars as of old.   . . .
• • Source: Article in The Sydney Morning Herald; published on Friday, 6 May 1938.
• • On Monday, 6 May 1935 in Time Magazine • •
• • Milwaukee clerk Myrtle Lorraine Sands, while helping to re-index official records in Wisconsin, chanced upon a marriage certificate showing that Mae West had married a fellow on 11 April 1911. The groom was Frank Wallace. Was that 1911 bride the Paramount Pictures movie star herself?
• • Already famous for her wiggling and shimmying, Mae tried every move to wriggle out of this tight spot by emphatically denying it all. However, "the great fact-finding machinery of the U.S. Press began to hum," according to the May 6th, 1935 issue of Time Magazine.
• • When New York reporters located the scrawny, unprepossessing vaudevillian, who was staying "in a theatrical hotel with his dancing partner, Trixie LeMae," Frank Wallace was quite happy to talk.  He affirmed the marriage was real. "The nerve of a brass monkey," was Mae West's response.
• • On Saturday, 6 May 1944 • •
• • Syndicated columnist Earl Wilson reviewed "Catherine Was Great" and his comments were printed in the Los Angeles Daily News on Saturday, 6 May 1944.
• • On Thursday, 6 May 1976 • •
• • In conjunction with the news that "Sextette" starring Mae West was going into production, a light went on in City Hall.  Tom Bradley, mayor of Los Angeles, announced that he was creating a special Mae Day and issuing a proclamation in the movie queen's honor. Tom Bradley presented West with a scroll validating her "valuable and important role" in the movie industry on Thursday, 6 May 1976. What a grand and lovely gesture.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Harold Hecht, dance director of the stage and screen, has been signed by Paramount to stage the dances for Mae West's starring picture, "Ruby Red."
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  "It's all a bunch of strudel."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • A syndicated gossip column mentioned Mae West.
• • "Mae West appears at Ross Hunter's cocktail party" • •
• • Dorothy Manners reported this:  As usual when she appears, Mae West, in virginal white, her long blonde hair hanging shoulder length, stopped the action at the cocktail party hosted by producer Ross Hunter and Jacque Mapes at Ross's home.
• • Source: King Features Syndicate's Hollywood column written by Dorothy Manners rpt in Anderson Daily Bulletin (Indiana); published on Wednesday, 7 April 1976
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