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Mae West: Hollywood Citizen

MAE WEST's motion picture "She Done Him Wrong" was onscreen at the Strand Theatre. "Last time today!" read the announcement on page 2.
• • Source:  The Cornell Daily Sun [Ithaca, NY]; published on Saturday,  4 March 1933.
• • On Wednesday, 4 March 1936 • •
• • The flapdoodle over "Klondike Annie" was discussed in Variety's issue dated for Wednesday, 4 March 1936. Coverage appeared in Hollywood Citizen News on 4 March 1936 also.
• • Mae West felt that her earnings, which approximated Hearst's stupendous salary, made him envious. Perhaps Hearst reconsidered the lost ad revenue to his publications because he ended this embargo by the end of 1936.
• • On Friday, 4 March 1938 in Australia • •
• • The Mirror (in Perth, Australia) wrote: Mae West's characterisation of a motion picture star in "Go West Young Man," the hilarious comedy, which will be screening at the Grand Theatre, Friday next, March 4, strangely enough, is entirely unlike her own life as an outstanding film luminary.
• • On Monday, 4 March 1946 • •
• • In New York City on Monday, 4 March 1946, Mae West was seated with her manager Jim Timony, Nigel Bruce, Lee Shubert, the Broadway producer who represented the Select Operating Corporation (and had worked with Mae before), and a few other gentlemen.
• • These parties added their signatures to a Dramatic Production Contract, an agreement about the comedy entitled “Ring Twice Tonight” — — which Mae West was about to adapt into a more commercial play or a motion picture.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Bill Hendricks, manager of the Warner theatre at Memphis, is back from the coast after an eight-day visit as the guest of Mae West at the Paramount studio.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  “You've never seen such a commotion as when Hal Clarendon woke up. You’d think I had broken the Ten Commandments to hear the bawling out I got.”   
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • A book about de Kooning mentioned Mae West.
• • John Elderfield wrote:  Spring 1964: although de Kooning's new studio in Springs is not yet finished, he starts to work there.  ... Visiting de Kooning with the art dealer Harold Diamond,  Joseph Hirshhorn acquires several works from him including Sphinx and Mae West (both 1964).
• • Artist Willem de Kooning was born on 24 April 1904 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. He died in the month of March — — on 19 March 1997 in East Hampton, New York.
• • Source: Entry in the book "De Kooning: A Retrospective"; published by MOMA in 2011
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• • Mae West • by Willem de Kooning in 1964

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