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Mae West: Irving Layton

Who claimed he was the combined Picasso and MAE WEST of Canadian poetry?
• • Irving Layton [12 March 1912 — 4 January 2006] • •
• • Irving Layton, a flamboyant poet who died, age 93, on Wednesday, 4 January 2006 in Montreal, once described himself as "the combined Picasso and Mae West of Canadian poetry."
• • During his later years, Irving Layton was suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.
• • Born in 1912 with the birth name Israel Pincu Lazarovitch in Tirgu Neamt, Romania, he immigrated to Canada with his family in 1913.
• • On Saturday, 13 January 1945 • •
• • "Catherine Was Great" featured Mae West onstage in her stunning Russian empress regalia. Mike Todd's lavish production was onstage from 2 August 1944 — 13 January 1945 on Broadway, which ran for 191 performances. The play was staged at the Shubert Theatre, then moved to the Royale.
• • On Sunday, 13 January 1958 • •
• • An article in a Joe Weider publication in 2004 gave this point of view on the late bodybuilder and the Hollywood icon.
• • Joe Weider's reporter wrote: In 1955, a 64-year-old Mae West saw Mickey Hargitay on the cover of Strength and Health Magazine. She asked him to join her chorus of musclemen, clad in leopardskin G-strings, in her Las Vegas nightclub act, the Mae West Revue. According to Mae West, when she first met him, Hargitay had said: "Miss West, you are the end of my search for an ideal, my dream come true." ...
• • Blonde bombshell Jayne Mansfield encountered the very handsome Mr. Universe 1956 Miklos (Mickey) Hargitay on 13 May 1956, while attending a performance of the "Mae West Revue" at the Latin Quarter in Manhattan.
• • Twenty months later, Jayne Mansfield and Mickey Hargitay wed on Sunday, 13 January 1958. They had three children and, alas, the couple would divorce in 1964.
• • On Sunday, 13 January 2008 • •
• • Newsday [the newspaper issue dated on Sunday, 13 January 2008] reported a collaboration between Mae West and The Naked Stage in Suffolk County on Long Island, the location where the play "Sex" was going to be presented in February 2008.
• • According to Newsday: "Sex" by Mae West will be performed on Feb. 12, 2008, and more — — at 7:30 p.m., Guild Hall, 158 Main St., East Hampton, NY 11937 — — free.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • The explanation that the generation gap meant she wouldn't be playing the role didn't weigh with Mae West.  When she learned that Myra was actually a sex-changed character who, before an operation, was a 'man named Myron Breckinridge,' she was no longer interested in it.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "I speak two languages, Body and English."
• • Mae West said:  "Permissive is just another word for dirty. Sex is not dirty."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • The IndieWire mentioned Mae West.
• • Leonard Maltin wrote:  Mae West puts on a brave smile as she welcomes the new year of 1935, although with the enforcement of the Production Code in 1934 her career took a downward turn. Many people blamed Mae’s sexual innuendos for bringing on Hollywood’s sweeping act of self-censorship, but muzzling her double-entendres took a lot of the fun out of her films.  ...
• • Source: Article "Happy New Year, Hollywood-Style" in IndieWire; published on Wednesday, 31 December 2014
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