Friday, May 16, 2014

Mae West: Tonight at 9:15

Come up and see MAE WEST tonight at 62 Second Avenue. Anthology Film Archives organized a frisky series called "From Mae West to Punk: The Bowery on Film" and we applaud them.
• • On Friday, 16 May 2014 at 9:15pm, join us for an hour of hijinks with Mae West on the Bowery in her Naughty Nineties classic "She Done Him Wrong" (66 minutes) — — co-starring Cary Grant as the man who will handcuff her at the end and promise to be "her jailer" for life. Directed by Lowell Sherman.
• • Bowery historians have said this:  "Recently named to the National Register of Historic Places, the iconic Bowery is NYC’s oldest thoroughfare. Indian trail, Dutch farm road, site of America’s first streetcars and Lincoln’s epochal anti-slavery speech at Cooper Union, it was the stomping ground for the Astor family, the swaggering Bowery Boys, immigrants, the working class, and gays. Even bluebloods came there on slumming tours."
• • For further details on this rollicking line-up of Bowery titles, visit the online calendar of New York City's Anthology Film Archives. See you tonight, Mae-mavens.
• • On Thursday, 16 May 1946 • •
• • The stage play "Ring Twice Tonight" opened in Long Beach, California on Thursday, 16 May 1946 before moving forward on its cross-country tour. The title was changed and became "Come On Up."
• • On Monday, 16 May 1966 • •
• • It was on Tuesday, 9 April 1974 that young Janet Damita Jo Jackson [born in Indiana on Monday, 16 May 1966] stepped onstage dressed as Mae West. The little girl was making her public debut performance at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas with the better-known members of her singing family. The eight-year-old rehearsed with her brother Michael, who gave her tips about Mae West's persona and intonations.  Happy Birthday, Janet.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Mae West's personal appearance sparked Robert Wise to propose a television special, which producer Stanley Musgrove is now preparing for Wise’s company and Universal.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "I think movies today are going too far. They’re using sex as a crutch; whenever the story starts to drag, they throw in a female body so you’ll forget how lousy the script is."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • A Hollywood column by Bob Thomas discussed Mae West.
• • "Mae West Steals Show from Stewart and Leroy at University Tribute" • •
• • According to reporter Bob Thomas, this memorable evening was scheduled as a tribute to James Stewart, Mervyn Leroy, and Mae West. Predictably, Miss West stole the show. It was one of those annual banquets of the honorary cinema fraternity at the University of Southern California, and the gathering was a curious mixture of the academic and entertainment worlds. Nostalgia was the keynote, and the diners viewed photographs from various films of the three honored guests as these were flashed on the wall of the campus dining room.  . . .
• • Bob Thomas explained: Next came Miss West. She agreed to accept an honorary membership in Delta Kappa Alpha — — if she could do it her way. That's the only way she operates.  ...
• • Source: Syndicated column rpt in Times Tri-Cities; published on Wednesday, 14 February 1968 
• • By the Numbers • • 
• • The Mae West Blog was started nine years ago in July 2004. You are reading the 2915th blog post. Unlike many blogs, which draw upon reprinted content from a newspaper or a magazine and/ or summaries, links, or photos, the mainstay of this blog is its fresh material focused on the life and career of Mae West, herself an American original.

• • Come up and see Mae every day online:

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• • Mae West in 1932

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