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Mae West: Lux Toilet Soap

MAE WEST and Dan Cupid were featured in many newspapers in February 1934. Let's eavesdrop on this chat with the God of Love.
• • CUPID: “Hello, Mae, how are tricks?”
• • MAE WEST: “Why Dan, you darling, what are you doing here in Hollywood?”
• • CUPID: “Came for a holiday — it's the one place I never have to work. All you girls can take care of yourselves.”
• • MAE WEST: “We get our men, all right. But then we’ve been using Lux Toilet Soap for years. A luscious skin gets them every time.”
• • CUPID: “You do know men, Mae. I find I’ve lots more spare time since girls everywhere started using your soap!  I guess I’ll fly over and see Lupe now. Take care of yourself.”
• • MAE WEST: “Bye-bye. Come up and see me some time.”
• • Source: The Kansas City Star (Kansas City, Missouri); published on Sunday, 11 February 1934.
• • At the end of 1936 — — on 3 December 1936 — — Mae West was photographed in an ultra-feminine dress designed by Travis Banton for another Lux Toilet Soap advertisement. A charming portrait [16 inches X 10 inches] was printed in The Los Angeles Evening Herald and Express in black and white. Fans will recognize this gorgeous rhumba-sleeve creation worn by Mae (as Cleo Borden) in "Goin' to Town."
• • John Edwin West, Jr. [11 February 1900 — 12 October 1964] • •
• • Born in February — — on Sunday, 11 February 1900 — — in Brooklyn, John Edwin West died on 12 October 1964. He was 64. Mae made arrangements for the body of her beloved kid brother to be sent back to Brooklyn to the family crypt.
• • Two weeks later, Mae — — who hated to think about death — — made a Will.
• • On Saturday, 11 February 1933 in The Los Angeles Daily News • •
• • The Los Angeles Daily News ran an article on "She Done Him Wrong" in their weekend edition on Saturday, on 11 February 1933.
• • On Saturday, 11 February 1933 in The N.Y. Times • •
• • Film critic Mordaunt Hall wrote: Mae West is to be seen at the Paramount in a hearty and blustering cinematic cartoon of the devilish 1890s. With the haughty strut and the nasal twang which are the principal assets of her repertoire, she filled the screen with gaudy humor. Illustrating the troubled career of Lady Lou, whose heart is bigger than her sense of decorum, she rhymed "amateur" with "connoisseur" in one of her beer-hall ballads and, on the whole, gave a remarkable suspicious impersonation of Diamond Lil. In fact, "She Done Him Wrong," with a few discreet cuts and alterations, is the same "Diamond Lil" without which no bibliography of Miss West's literary works would be complete.
• • Mordaunt Hall continued: While her man is doing a "rap" she has to live, and she has chosen a good location. "My career is diamonds," she says, and men fight for the privilege of adding to her collection of jewelry. . . .
• • On Friday, 11 February 1977 in Bookviews • •
• • Mae West said: "Hiring someone to write your autobiography is like hiring someone to take a bath for you." Mae's comment was quoted in Bookviews, on 11 February 1977.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • And so, despite numerous protests against the "Advertising bally-hoo of Movie Trailers," I say a big bouquet to them!! I should never have gone to see Mae West, Otto Kruger, Katharine Hepburn, George Arliss, and — believe it or not — Greta Garbo, were it not for one of these "coming events."
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "I wash my face with bottled water and good Castile soap."
• • Mae West said: "I've been so absorbed in myself since I've been a child. I've never been interested in anybody but myself. Just me, me. What other woman in the world has done what I've done?"
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • The Pottstown Mercury (Pottstown, PA) mentioned Mae West.
• • The daily newspaper quoted Mae West. "For generations,” she continued, smiling while making one observation and quite serious while indulging another comment, “women have been keeping the home fires burning, operating on budgets, keeping peace in the family, and not arguing any more than can be helped with the people next door. All a national government has to do is to keep industry at work, operate on a budget, keep the citizens contented and happy, and stay out of quarreling with other countries. There Isn’t a lot of difference. And no national government, on top of that, ever had to raise a family." Mae West continued, "So why not a woman for president? Women have been running men for years. Queen Elizabeth, Cleopatra, Catherine of Russia, and a dozen others got along all right in the past. Queen Wilhelmina is doing a swell job of handling the Netherlands right now. So why couldn't a woman be president of a republic?” ...
• • Source: Pottstown Mercury; published on Monday, 10 February 1936
• • By the Numbers • • 
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• • Mae West Lux Toilet Soap ad in 1934

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