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Mae West: Mark Anthony

MAE WEST starred in "My Little Chickadee" [1940], a film released in the USA on 15 March 1940. An actor was seen briefly as a townsman.
• • Mark Anthony [?  —  25 April 1944] • •
• • Mark Anthony had a brief career in Tinseltown. During 1940, he was cast in three motion pictures.
• • He portrayed an officer in "It's a Date" [1940]. He snagged a minor role in "Honeymoon Deferred" [1940]. The third time was the charm.  Mark Anthony was tapped for a small part as a resident of Greasewood in a Western-themed comedy starring Mae West, namely, "My Little Chickadee" [1940].
• • Nothing more is known about this (presumably) young actor. 
• • Mark Anthony died over Yuma, Arizona on Tuesday, 25 April 1944. His aircraft was shot down (i.e., a military plane crash). If you know how old he was or other details, chime in.
• • On Monday, 26 April 1926 on Broadway • •
• • Written by "Jane Mast" and starring Mae West as Margy LaMont, "Sex" opened in April — — on Monday, 26 April 1926. The Broadway debut occurred a few blocks north of Columbus Circle at Daly’s 63rd Street Theatre, the only playhouse available at the time. "Mae played a Canadian woman," noted Playbill, "with no time for those Mounties."
• • The N.Y. Daily News sent a reviewer who wrote: "Most of the 'Sex' appeal falls to the talents of Mae West, a vaudeville actress who somewhat resembles Texas Guinan."
• • On Friday, 26 April 1935 in the L.A. Examiner • •
• • This article appeared on Friday, 26 April 1935 in the Los Angeles Examiner: Louella O. Parsons wrote "Eva Tanguay Backs Mae in Dispute Over Husband." Notice the timing of Louella's supportive article and Mae's appearance on her radio program on April 26th. Hmmmm.
• • Hollywood Hotel on Friday, 26 April 1935 • •
• • The popular star of Paramount Pictures rarely appeared on radio. When she did, the sole purpose was to promote one of her motion pictures. Mae West had guest-starred on The Shell Chateau with Al Jolson in 1936 and also on Louella Parsons’ blackmailing program Hollywood Hotel on 26 April 1935, with featured guest Paul Cavanagh in an adaptation of her (then most current) screen gem: "Goin’ to Town."
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "Food, too, is one of my failings, but I can't cook, bake, wash dishes, sew, peel potatoes or onions."
• • Quote, Unquote
• • The Hollywood gossips mentioned Mae West might return to the stage.
• • "Mae West May Go Back to Broadway" • •
• •  Mae West has written a new play, and it looks as if it will bring her Hollywood career to an end — — at least for the time being. Her film contracts in Hollywood terminate shortly, and she is thinking of appearing in her play on Broadway where she was a famous star in the 'Diamond Lil' days. Incidentally, that period included the famous prosecution for putting in an alleged indecent play. ...
• • Source: News Item: Mirror (Perth, Australia); published on Saturday, 22 February 1936
• • By the Numbers • • 
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