Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mae West: Tribute to Memory

An unsigned article titled "In the MAE WEST Tradition" appeared in March 1935. Let's hear what you think about this very curious news item about Mae's "tribute" to Jack West.
• • "In the Mae West Tradition — Tribute to Memory of Her Father" • •
• • Mae West, in the great tradition of the business that has been her life, recently paid highest tribute to the memory of her father.
• • "Fighting Jack" West died. His heart stopped while he slept. Dr. Samuel Yabroff, the specialist under whose care he had been, had warned the family some weeks ago that such a thing might happen.
• • Still it was a shock.
• • The tie between Mae West and her dad had been unusually close. Early one morning at Paramount an order went out. "All calls on Production No. 1036 cancelled an production stopped until further notice." A girl at switchboard in the course of her duty, transmitted that message to Mae West's home for "Production 1036" is Mae's current picture, "Now I'm a Lady."
• • "That Was All" • •
• • A few minutes later the switchboard girl handled another call. It came to the offices of Emanuel Cohen, head of the studio.
• • "I'll be at work at 9 o'clock," said Mae. And that was all.  It was not just coincidence that 500 extras were on the set and Mae West knew that a day's work means a lot in 1935.
• • Source: Article: "In the Mae West Tradition" printed in The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser (page 4) on Monday, 18 March 1935.
• • Timothy Dalton's Birthday • •
• • Mae West's co-star and screen husband in "Sextette," Timothy Dalton was born on March 21st. He's been quite elusive when it comes to his actual birth year. For all that, we wish him a Happy Birthday!
• • On Saturday, 21 March 1936 in the Hollywood Reporter • •
• • The trade publication Hollywood Reporter followed the back-biting between Will Hays and the film starring Mae West "Klondike Annie." They printed an article about this in their issue dated for Saturday, 21 March 1936.
• • On Monday, 21 March 2005 • •
• • Talented Tom Tierney, who does the enjoyable series for Dover on celebrity paper dolls, released his beautiful, well research title "Mae West Paper Doll" in paperback on Monday, 21 March 2005.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "Don't tell me a lie. Just say you won't drink before a performance."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • The New York Sun mentioned Mae West during their coverage of the "Pleasure Man" trial.
• • Mae's attorney Nathan Burkan was cross examining Lt James McCoy who was quick to reenact things he had seen onstage. Under questioning, McCoy admitted he had been an actor in years gone by and "in a circus for awhile, doing hard manual labor, putting up tents and things like that."
• • [Ed: No wonder the courtroom spectators felt as if they were watching an unruly three-ring spectacle at times.]
• • Source: The New York Sun; published on Friday, 21 March 1930
• • By the Numbers • • 
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