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Mae West: Hula Hoop Mistresss

MAE WEST projects her charisma onscreen but here's a case when the famed Hollywood personality delighted a cruise ship — — despite being present.
• • Aboard the RMS Caronia, no events were organized for Saturday, 16 February 1963. Since the ocean liner sailed West (across the International Date Line), the passengers missed one day entirely.  Nevertheless, the ship's printer took the opportunity to amuse the adventure-seekers onboard by issuing a fake "Daily Program" to account for some wonderfully imagined stardust that filled each hour of the missed day — — such as free dance lessons taught by Fred Astaire.
• • According to the fake program, Saturday, 16 February 1963 would offer a luxurious treat of a breakfast champagne at Tiffany's followed by an exercise session with Mae West at 10:30 AM on the Promenade Deck. Mae West was continuing her hula-hoop instruction. Remarkable use of the ship's print shop manpower, eh?
• • On Wednesday, 16 February 1927 in The N.Y. Times • •
• • One of the NYC vice squad detectives giving evidence against Mae West, Inspector A. Bolan informed the magistrate he was in possession of wondrously detailed notes that he jotted down in shorthand in the dark while watching "Sex" at Daly's Theatre. But when he had to read from his "cheat sheet" in front of ladies and the D.A., the man in blue balked.  
• • "Chaste circumlocutions"  • •
• • The New York Times reported, in their "Sex" coverage inside the print edition dated for Wednesday, 16 February 1927, that Inspector A. Bolan "searched his mind for chaste circumlocutions in which to convey to the court some of the things which had shocked him. The Inspector chose his words so meticulously as to disappoint a crowded court room, and before he had testified for an hour scores had left in indignation at the tameness of the show. ..."
• • Broadcast on Thursday, 16 February 1950 • •
• • From "Mae West On The Air" [Sandy Hook LP and CD SH 2098]
• • "Little Red Riding Hood" performed by Mae West (from "The Chesterfield Supper Club" program aired on Thursday, 16 February 1950).
• • "The Chesterfield Supper Club" was broadcast by NBC and sponsored by Chesterfield. The segment was pre-recorded in January (on 23 January 1950) for broadcast on February 16th, 1950 so that NBC could screen the content in advance. Mae sings a duet with Perry and tells her version of "Little Red Riding Hood." It's a very good show. Perry Como, Mitchell Ayres and His Orchestra, The Fontane Sisters, Martin Block (announcer), Mae West: airtime: 28 minutes.
• • On Thursday, 16 February 1950 in Rochester • •
• • Rarely did Mae West miss a performance. When she did, however, it made the news.
• • On Thursday, 16 February 1950, Mae was starring in her popular Bowery drama "Diamond Lil" at the Auditorium Theatre in Rochester, NY — — when she collapsed onstage. At first it was thought that she was suffering from food poisoning.
• • A news reporter wrote: Mae West collapsed on the stage at Rochester last night, but the show went on. She was unable to continue with the third act of the play, 'Diamond Lil.' It was presented without her. It was thought at first that she had food poisoning, but her doctor, who was in the wings during the show, said that she was suffering mainly from "sheer exhaustion." Mae West hopes to appear in "Diamond Lil" again tonight.
• • The Auditorium Center was originally constructed for the Freemasons in 1928.
• • Happily, the Rochester Auditorium Theatre is still open for business and in the same location as back in 1950: 875 East Main Street, Rochester, NY 14605.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "When a person thinks only of himself, he saves himself a lot of trouble."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • New Orleans had an issue with a motion picture starring Mae West.
• • "N.O. Hits Mae West Title" • •
• • New Orleans, July 10 — Renaming of Mae West's "It Ain't No Sin" as "The Belle of New Orleans" drew protests today from civic and political bodies here. ...
• • Source: News Item in Motion Picture Daily; published on Thursday, 12 July 1934
• • By the Numbers • • 
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