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Mae West: Vicinity of Vassar

Screen vixen MAE WEST was in the vicinity of Vassar on Saturday, 16 January 1937. Don't worry. She didn't stop the coeds from studying.
• • "Go West Young Man" starring Mae was at the Liberty Playhouse from Friday, January 15th — Sunday, January 17th. It was the main attraction, shown as part of a double feature in one of those sleepy side streets off campus. 
• • The Vassar Miscellany News had a brief item about Mae's latest movie release on page 5.
• • On Tuesday, 16 January 1934 • •
• • It was another appearance in court, this time as a witness for the prosecution — — on 16 January 1934 — — when Mae West gave testimony about Edward Friedman, who had robbed her. Extensive courtroom coverage appeared in the Los Angeles Evening Herald and Express under this headline: "Officers Guard Movie Queen at Trial after Threats by Gangsters" on 16 January 1934.
• • On Wednesday, 16 January 1935 • •
• • In the middle of January — — on 16 January 1935 — — Joseph Breen was shooting off another memo about Mae West. "'Now I'm a Lady' seems to us to be a definite violation of the Code," he wrote. Because of the Hays Code, the script would be altered numerous times and the movie re-titled.
• • On Monday, 16 January 1950 in Newsweek • •
• • Newsweek readers who opened their issue dated for Monday, 16 January 1950 [Vol. XXXV, No. 3] saw this article on page 46: "The Return of Mae West."
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "I guess I'm a bit strait-laced but I think they go too far these days. They should leave some things to the imagination. I think the imagination is sexier than when everything is all out there. Don't you?"
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • The El Paso Herald Post mentioned Mae West.
• • Hollywood Correspondent Dick Kleiner interviewed Mae West in 1968. Here's a snippet from that lengthy piece than ran on page 27.
• • Dick Kleiner wrote: In most people's minds Mae West and sex go together like apple pie and vanilla ice cream. And you might expect her to be all in favor of today's anything goes movies. She isn't.
• • Mae sat in her living room, all white and gold and mirrored and adorned with cupids and nude statues and paintings, and she primly clutched a long pale green wrap-around robe about her. She's rumored to be in her mid-seventies but her hair is still platinum and there aren't too many wrinkles noticeable and her figure is still an hour glass on daylight savings time. ...
• • Source: Interview: "Mae West to Star in TV Special" written by Dick Kleiner, Hollywood Correspondent, in syndication; published by El Paso Herald Post on Saturday, 20 July 1968 
• • By the Numbers • • 
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