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Mae West: Sy Oliver

In the 1950s MAE WEST worked with Sy Oliver.  Several tracks they did together were released in 1954 on the Decca label. Currently, you may find a few of these cuts on various compilations such as the LP called "Come Up and See Me Sometime" and others.
• • Born in Battle Creek, Michigan on 17 December 1910, Melvin "Sy" Oliver hailed from a musical family.  His mother was a piano teacher and his father was a multi-instrumentalist who made a name for himself demonstrating saxophones during an era when at a time that woodwind instrument was seldom used outside of marching bands. Their talent rubbed off on their son, who became a jazz arranger, trumpeter, composer, singer, and bandleader.
• • Mae loved to work with black musicians. With accompaniment by Sy Oliver's Orchestra, Mae recorded singles such as "I’m in the Mood For Love," "If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight," "They Call Me Sister Honky Tonk," "A Guy What Takes His Time," and "My Daddy Rocks Me."
• • Melvin "Sy" Oliver died in New York City during May — — on 28 May 1988.  He was 77.
• • On Monday, 28 May 1934 • •
• • The Australian audience embraced "the new star" in their midst when their moviehouses showed "She Done Him Wrong" down under. But their local critics did not have the same reaction to "I'm No Angel."
• • On Monday, 28 May 1934, a lengthy article in The Argus emphasized that the second comedy "shows Mae West as a type rather than an actress."  The Argus found other faults but we'll only mention their viewpoint on this: "In her first film she had a good story and the support of a brilliant cast.  In 'I'm No Angel' she has an ordinary story and a commonplace cast.  Her own part is much the same as it was in 'She Done Him Wrong,' but the setting is very different.  . . ."  [Source: The Argus, on page 5, 28 May 1934.]
• • Nevertheless, the film did good box office and Mae's stock rose even higher in Tinseltown after two successes in the States, What's your opinion? Which Mae West film is your favorite?
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "Come up sometime and see me." 
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • An interview with an actress mentioned Mae West.
• • It was Monday, 28 May 1934 — — and Jean Harlow was asked: "Do you think the college woman of today is taking her studies too seriously?"
• • Jean Harlow replied: "College women are fortunately saved from that pitfall by the wholesome influences of such people as Mae West.  ..."
• • Source: Article: "Jean Harlow's Opinion of College" printed on page 6 of the Cornell Daily Sun, Volume 54, Issue 178; published on Monday, 28 May 1934
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