Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mae West: Flamingo Road

MAE WEST is back in Las Vegas today. Catch her in the wonderful weekly series Tuesday Afternoon at the Bijou, when they screen "Go West, Young Man" [1936, 107 mins, NR].
• • Plot: As the sultry and single screen star Mavis Arden, Mae West goes on tour to promote her latest film, "Drifting Lady." But instead her limousine winds up stranded in the sticks, surrounded by a marvelous manscape. But since Mavis is bound by her studio contract to avoid entangling alliances for five years, turmoil ensues. Mae West sings in this motion picture, adapted from the successful Broadway comedy "Personal Appearance."
• • WHERE: Main Theater — Clark County Library, 1401 E Flamingo Road, Las Vegas
• • WHEN: Tuesday, 21 February 2012 at 1:00 pm. Admission is free.
• • Tell them you heard about it on the Mae West Blog.
• • On Tuesday, 21 February 1933 • •
• • Advertisements reminded theatre managers and bookers that normal grosses were being doubled and tripled for "She Done Him Wrong" starring Mae West: "The Whole Country Is Going WEST!"
• • An announcement appeared in Variety, on page 18, on 21 February 1933 as well as in other industry outlets.
• • On Wednesday, 21 February 1934 • •
• • It was on Wednesday evening, 21 February 1934, when the famed Mae West Jewel Robbery episode was dramatized on "Calling All Cars" over CBS Radio [without her personal participation in this traumatic drama]. Program #13 was sponsored by the Rio Grande Oil Company.
• • On Friday, 21 February 1936 • •
• • Starring Mae West, "Klondike Annie" was in moviehouses in the USA for the President's Day weekend — — on Friday, 21 February 1936.
• • The motion picture was released at a production cost of $1,000,000.
• • On Wednesday, 21 February 1940 • •
• • The headlines read: "Mae West Wins Stage Lawsuit." A happy outcome for Mae but bitter news for Mark Linder, who pursued her not unlike Inspector Javert tailed Jean Valjean.
• • The troubles between Mae and the Linder brothers began in 1928 when "Diamond Lil" was on Broadway the first time.
• • Shortly after filing his lawsuit a decade later in 1938, Mark Linder was counter-sued by Mae West over the script of "Diamond Lil" revamped for the cinema as "She Done Him Wrong," a storyline Linder claimed he himself had written under the title "Chatham Square." But the judge sided with Paramount Pictures and the Brooklyn-born screen queen. Mark Linder lost the suit and Mae West was awarded one million dollars.
• • "Come up and sue me some time,'' drawled Mae West after the court had dismissed Mark Linder's million dollar suit against her. Linder, who was Mae West's co-author in "Diamond Lil" claimed that the picture earned her two million dollars, and that he received only two thousand. It was revealed that Mae West's age is 47.
• • Source for this summary: Article: Cornell Daily Sun, on page 1, Volume LX, Issue 103, on Wednesday, 21 February 1940
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "In 1934 Janet Gaynor got the biggest rating, with me second. Janet had six pictures and I had only one, 'I'm No Angel.' That grossed three million dollars. How do you think I'd have rated on six pictures?"
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • An item in Time Magazine mentioned Mae West.
• • Time reporters wrote: Mae West, who has not denied being 56, was still having trouble trying to settle down. "I'm still looking for the right man," she confided to the New York Post's Columnist Earl Wilson. "My trouble is, I find so many right ones, it's hard to decide." ...
• • Source: "People" column written by the staff of Time Magazine; published on 21 February 1949
• • By the Numbers • •
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