Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mae West: Not Greenpoint

There are already quite enough factual errors about MAE WEST nesting in obscure, out-of-print publications. So do we need more mistakes being passed around the Internet, ready for the copy-and-paste set?
• • The Brooklyn Eagle, a newspaper that often inspires affection, let down the home team this week. One of their regular columns is laced with incorrect information.
• • Without checking the information first, columnist David Weiss states: Evidently not finding a lot to say about Greenpoint, the editors of the 1939 WPA Guide to New York City in writing the area’s history came up with the fact it was “the birthplace of Mae West.”
• • Yikes! Perhaps the fuzzy logic is, even if the WPA Guide published a faulty detail, then it's all right to reprint it — — unchallenged and uncorrected. Maybe the Brooklyn eagle-eyed fact-checkers are already on vacation, enjoying the beaches of Suffolk County or some Long Island surf and turf.
• • In times past, the copyediting staff held sway at a publication, touching up small parts of the text in case a stray piffle or two might be in need of righting before it left the house. For the record, Brooklynite Mae West was not born in Greenpoint. It is as annoying as that Kings County hash house with their absurd claims that Mae West was "born upstairs." Sheesh. Hire a copy editor, will ya?
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• • Published on: 24 June 2009
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