Monday, February 05, 2007

Mae West: Come Over

MAE WEST's signature line - - "Come up and see me sometime" - - evolved from a once well-known riposte in vaudeville.
• • Bert Savoy (half of the team of Savoy & Brennan) used to say: "You must come over!"
• • One of Mae's influences, Bert Savoy was headlining the bill at the Century Theatre [formerly located on West 62nd Street and Central Park West] with Jay Brennan one day in February - - February 12, 1921 - - when an impressionable Mae West was also on the program.
• • Mae also attended performances when Savoy & Brennan had their great successes at the annual "Greenwich Village Follies."
• • Bert Savoy offered his last famous comeback in the summer of 1923 after hearing a clap of thunder, just before he was struck by lightning. His impact on Mae was enormous.
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• • Photo: • • Mae West's influencer Bert Savoy • • 1920 • •

Mae West.

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