Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mae West: "Sometime"

The Shimmy: MAE WEST staked her claim on this ferocious frenzy of a dance, which she had first noticed in Chicago. In 1918, she sang "Everybody Shimmies Now" and posed for this song sheet. At the Shubert Theatre, Mae added the Shimmy to her act in "Sometime" [1918]. She also sang the song: "What Do You Have to Do to Get It."
• • Question: Do you think Mae West's pose on this song sheet in 1918 looks similar to Eva Tanguay's pose five years earlier in 1913?
• • Playing opposite Ed Wynn in Arthur Hammerstein's "Sometime," with music by Rudolf Friml, Mae West performed the shimmy for an appreciative Broadway audience. In the shimmy, there was hardly any movement of the feet, but continuous movement of the shoulders, torso and pelvis.
• • This show opened at the Shubert Theatre on 4 October 1918. The musical closed in June 1919, after running for 283 performances.
• • Picture Mae West sometime in 1918, a 25-year-old brunette sizzling onstage. A reviewer who covered her performance at the Shubert Theatre described Mae West as a "tasty tornado."
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• • Photo: Mae West • • Eva Tanguay • • 1913 and 1918 • •

Mae West.

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