Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Mae West: Polite Society

A cunning cartoon showed MAE WEST yanking G.B. Shaw's beard. If only the two controversial writers could chat during Shaw Fest, which had been presenting “Sex” in Canada until Sunday, 13 October 2019.
• • Buffalo Rising sent Grant Golden to review it. This is Part 2 of 7 segments.
• • SEX is a sensational drama by Mae West • •
• • Lights up on a sleazy apartment in Montreal’s red light district • •
• • Grant Golden wrote: THUMBNAIL SKETCH:  The play takes place in a sleazy apartment in Montreal’s red light district, at a café and hotel in Trinidad, and finally in a stately residence outside NYC.  Present day (1926).  Up-and-coming madam Margy LaMont shakes off her scumbag manager Rocky Waldron, and makes some serious money on her own, by “following the fleet.”  In Trinidad, she meets Jimmy Stanton, the naïve, privileged, just-out-of-college son of a wealthy NYC trader/businessman.  Jimmy falls hard for Margy, and she is enchanted.  Can she at length get out of the business, and find happiness in polite society with the callow Jimmy?
• • Symbolism? • •  . . .
• • This stage review by Grant Golden will be continued on the next post.
• • Source: Buffalo Rising; published on Tuesday, 6 August 2019. 
• • On Saturday, 29 October 1932 • •
• • The gala premiere on Saturday, 29 October 1932, revealed that "Night After Night" was only 73 minutes long. No one remembers anything about this film except for the hilarious moments when Mae West was onscreen.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Mae West knows all about this siren business. She keeps her skin always in a state of smooth perfection with Lux Toilet Soap. See all the new advertisements Mae posed for.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "Back in the 18th century, when everybody had long white hair, great ladies used to receive callers in the bedroom. It was considered class."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • An article on a surreal exhibit at Singapore's ArtScience Museum mentioned Mae West.
• • Bangkok-based journalist Ezra Kyrill Erker wrote: Melting clocks. An elephant carrying an obelisk, walking on long spindly legs. A flying snail carrying an angel. A woman aflame, with drawers coming out of her body. A unicorn with blood on its horn. A sofa in the shape of Mae West's lips . . . .
• • Source: The Bangkok Post; posted on Sunday, 23 October 2011
• • The evolution of 2 Mae West plays that keep her memory alive • • 
• • A discussion with Mae West playwright LindaAnn LoSchiavo — — 
• • http://lideamagazine.com/renaissance-woman-new-york-city-interview-lindaann-loschiavo/
• • The Mae West Blog celebrates its 15th anniversary • •  
• • Thank you for reading, sending questions, and posting comments during these past fifteen years. Not long ago, we entertained 3,497 visitors. And we reached a milestone recently when we completed 4,300 blog posts. Wow!  
• • By the Numbers • •
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• • Mae West • advertising Old Gold cigarettes

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