Thursday, October 24, 2019

Mae West: Alfred L. Rigali

Alfred L. Rigali took the stand, during MAE WEST’s “Sex” trial in 1927, testifying for the defense.
• • Alfred L. Rigali [1886 — 1942] • •
• • Alfred L. Rigali, theatrical producer, died on Friday, 23 October 1942. At the time, he was working in Cincinnati, directing the road company of "The Pursuit of Happiness."
• • In 1927, Rigali was much in the limelight along with Mae West after censorship difficulties in the production of the stage show "Sex." He testified at her obscenity trial in Jefferson Market Court.
• • Alfred L. Rigali is heard as an off-stage voice in the final scene of Act I of the play "Courting Mae West." Contradicting the prosecutor, Rigali insists that Mae West and Barry O'Neill were not trying to have intercourse during a seduction scene, emphasizing, "No, there was no touching! The actors would have smeared their make-up."
• • Alfred L. Rigali, age 56, was survived by his widow, a daughter, and a son.
• • On Tuesday, 24 October 1933 • •
• • Variety couldn't stop printing articles about "I'm No Angel" starring Mae West.  "Mae West Opera Wows Newark — Cops House Record, $28,000, and Held Over" ran in Variety's issue dated for Tuesday, 24 October 1933.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • Mae West is currently the most sought-after picture celeb for commercial tie-ups, all of which she is turning down. The dough she is sniffing at each week from this direction is important sugar.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "Sometimes I grow weary of fighting to keep faith with the public."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • Field and Stream mentioned Mae West.
• • Phil Bourjaily wrote: Herb Parsons’ signature trick was throwing seven clay targets in the air and breaking them all before they hit the ground. For that he used the Model 12 Winchester, which he called “Mae West.” A sure-pointing, slick pump gun, the Model 12 was ideal for shooting multiple targets in a hurry. It had a secret advantage, too: it lacked the trigger disconnector of modern pumps. Parsons said he accomplished his feat by “holding down the trigger and pumping like hell.”
• • Phil Bourjaily wrote: “Mae West,” Parson’s personal nickel-plated Model 12 is on display at the Cody Firearms Museum  …
• • Source: Field and Stream; published on Friday, 4 October 2019
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