Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mae West: New Book

There is a new book out inspired by MAE WEST.
• • WestWays is the fifth in Rita McBride's continuing "Ways" series of collaborative novels, this time with writer and climber Matthew Licht. We follow Mae West from her childhood in 19th-century Brooklyn through her adventures with W.C. Fields at the 1931 Oktoberfest to a Sapphic encounter with Leni Riefenstahl on a safari in the 1970s, picking up a fighter pilot, Salvador Dalí, and Billy Wilder for the ride. Published to coincide with the completion of McBride's 52-meter-high "Mae West" public commission at Munich's Effnerplatz, the artist's Mae West is actress, inflatable vest, sculpture, exhibition, and now finally a book.
• • This new publication [softcover, 94 pages] is part of the series of artists' projects edited by Christoph Keller. The title WestWays was released in January 2011.
• • Rita McBride is a prominent American artist based in Dusseldorf, whose sculptures and installation deal with fiction and public space and often provide a set for performances and lectures. She has edited a series of books for which she invited other artists and writers to write short stories involving constraints and a relationship to the art world. Each of the books corresponds to a sub literary genre (crime novels, SF, soft-eroticism…). Rita McBride created Westways, a new novel, in collaboration with writer Mathew Licht. Matthew Licht is a writer, artist, and filmmaker educated in New York City.
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Mae West.

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