Monday, February 07, 2011

Mae West: Munich, Germany

MAE WEST is now a permanent installation in Bavaria, her mother's homeland.
• • Born in America in 1960, artist Rita McBride has been working in Germany for a number of years — — and struggling for the past eight years to get her controversial design of the screen queen installed. Finally, last month [on January 29th — 30th, 2011] a carbon version of Mae West was hoisted into place and will become a landmark. Mae's new home is the Effnerplatz in the east of Munich, a square which forms the center of a large traffic circle and is bisected by a tram line but does not seem to have much pedestrian traffic.
• • The artwork is 170.6 feet high and weighs 57 tons. In a press release, McBride (writing in German) described her piece as a monumental semi-transparent structure made of carbon fiber tubes, arranged in the form of a rotational hyperbolic paraboloid.
• • Rita McBride timed the installation to accompany a new book devoted to Mae called WESTways. More on that in an upcoming post.
• • Perhaps because Rita McBride communicates in German, the American press has not covered this a-MAE-zing creation. Bravo, Rita!!
• • Come up and see Mae every day online:
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• • Photo: • • Mae West • • artwork by Rita McBride, 2011 • •
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Mae West.

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