Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Mae West: Karl Hajos

A composer who wrote the incidental music for "I'm No Angel" [1933], the smash hit starring MAE WEST, died on the first of February.
• • Born in Budapest, Karl Hajos [28 January 1889 — 1 February 1950] immigrated to the USA in 1924 at the age of 35. Serious about composing and song writing, Hajos had studied in his homeland at at the University of Budapest and the Academy of Music in Budapest.
• • In 1925 his music was featured in a short-lived operetta "Natja" at the Knickerbocker Theatre on Broadway. He had a bigger success with "White Lilacs," starring Charlotte Woodruff, that ran for 136 performances between October 1928 — January 1929 at the Shubert Theatre and also Jolson's 59th Street Theatre.
• • In 1928 Mack Sennett hired him to script the title music for "The Goodbye Kiss." During the 1930s, when Hajos was contracted to Paramount Pictures, he wrote stock music for "I'm No Angel." Mostly uncredited in Hollywood, he raised his profile during the mid-1940s when two films he worked on earned Oscar nominations for Best Music. Occasionally, a fan will attribute a famous song to Hajos [such as "Falling Leaves" by Frankie Carle and Mack David], but it does not seem as though he had any hits.
• • Karl Hajos died in Los Angeles, California in February — — on 1 February 1950.
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