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Mae West: Curvy Longhand

MAE WEST never learned to type and wrote longhand. Though most of her personal correspondence was typed by a secretary, Mae wrote to a stranger in 1933, Canadian graphologist Zita Lomas. This is Part 1 of 14 segments.
• • “An Open Letter to Mae West” • •
• • Zita Lomas wrote: Dear Mae: We are not going to address you formally as Miss West, because you are not the type of person who inspires formality. We think of you as the breezy, real pal sort — — friendly, cordial, and dripping with good humor and kindly feelings towards humanity.
Mae's handwriting in 1910
• • And now that we have seen your handwriting, we don't merely THINK you are like that. We KNOW you are.
• • Because we are a graphologist, one of our pet theories is that people's handwritings "look just like them.”
• • Now your writing is a primarily angular script, lightly traced wit, kindly rounded curves. So when we say that it looks just like you, we don't mean it in a literal sense. We know perfectly well that you are al! curves, that you have made the world curve-conscious, and that it was you who inspired the new word ''curvaceous."
• • Mae West’s penmanship • • . . .
• • This very long article by Zita Lomas will be continued on the next post.
• • Source: The Vancouver Sun (page 4); published on Saturday, 30 December 1933.
• • John Edwin West, Jr. [11 February 1900 — 12 October 1964] • •
• • Born in February — — on Sunday, 11 February 1900 — — in Brooklyn, John Edwin West died on 12 October 1964. He was 64. Mae made arrangements for the body of her beloved kid brother to be sent back to Brooklyn to the family crypt.
• • Two weeks later, Mae — — who hated to think about death — — made a Will.
• • On Friday, 11 February 1977 in Bookviews • •
• • Mae West said: "Hiring someone to write your autobiography is like hiring someone to take a bath for you." Mae's comment was quoted in Bookviews, on 11 February 1977.
• • Overheard in Hollywood • •
• • "Belle of the Nineties," the Mae West picture revamped under the strengthened Production Code Administration, has been passed by the New York censor board without a deletion, declared Paramount yesterday. It is set for a September release.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • About Owney Madden, Mae West said: "Hmmm, he was cruel but he could be sweet."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • An article on curves and feminine beauty in the cinema mentioned Mae West.
• • "Mae West, Tivoli Theatre" • •
• • The Courier-Mail editors wrote this: Although she has given the world of women back curves and removed some feminine angles, Mae West is not fat. She weighs but 119 1b. She believes in being nicely rounded.
• • Because of her versatility and charm in presenting comedy, Mae West became internationally famous in "She Done Him Wrong," which introduced Mae West to the world. She turned out most of the dialogue, wrote the lyrics for the original musical score, and aided the designing of the wardrobe as well. "She Done Him Wrong," which will come to the Tivoli Theatre next Friday, presents Mae West to Brisbane in her first starring picture. Her wit and originality have made it popular. ...
• • Source: The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Queensland); published on Wednesday, 7 February 1934
• • The evolution of 2 Mae West plays that keep her memory alive • •
• • A discussion with Mae West playwright LindaAnn LoSchiavo — —
• • http://lideamagazine.com/renaissance-woman-new-york-city-interview-lindaann-loschiavo/
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